About Kelsey

I am a follower of Christ, wife to Dexter, mom to two rambunctious puppies, and teacher to around 35 non-native English-speaking high school students. I strive to honor God with my life, and am working with my husband to reduce our debt so we can better serve God with our income. I am a “flexitarian” and try to honor God by spending money on goods that don’t harm the people or animals He loves and created. I am working, by God’s grace,  to become everything He wants me to be and want to share my journey with you.

21 thoughts on “About Kelsey

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  2. Hi Kelsey,
    Your website is informative. Your aunt Annie, turned me on to it! Keep me posted on all your adventures.
    Debbie Spratt

  3. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hi! It seems that we do have a lot in common! I especially love finding other Christians out in the blogging world! It is SUCH an encouragement!

    • Yay other Christian women in the blogging world! Yay doing 30×30! Is there a support group for the likes of us? I’m also doing postaday2011, a book list, twitter, etc. Lets be friends, yes? 🙂

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  5. Dear Kelsey, you’ve got a nice blog going! Keep up the good work. I like your description on “About Kelsey” – especially the following: “I also try to honor God by spending money on goods that don’t harm the people or animals He loves and created.” BTW, what’s a relaxed vegetarian? I am a vegetarian too and not just in diet, i also try my best to avoid products that are made from animals or involve animal testing.

    • Generally, I don’t buy meat or food that causes an animal to die. I’m also working on switching fully to cruelty-free dairy (frozen pizzas and ice cream are the two things I’m working on letting go of). I try to buy all my toiletries, cleaning supplies, etc. from companies that don’t test on animals. That’s mostly a question of whether I’ve done the research on those products. However, if I go to someone’s house and they’re serving something I wouldn’t normally buy, I won’t turn up my nose at it. My focus is on spending my own dollars to support animal ethics without making others feel like they’re bad people for not doing the same or not doing it to the same extent. I’m actually considering a change to “flexitarian” where I’ll incorporate humanely-raised and killed meat into my diet from time to time.

  6. Perfect ‘About’ page… you sound passionate about what you love, and that is the best! You sound like you have very similar goals to me, so can’t wait to see what you write about!

  7. Hi Kelsey! I just found your blog and I can really relate to you in so many ways! My husband & I are at the tail-end of the “debt snowball”… almost four years of hard work & being frugal are about to pay off (thank you, Lord, Dave Ramsey, & husband). 🙂 We’re excited to soon be financially free & to be able to use our finances as God leads us too! We also are “relaxed vegetarians”… can totally relate to that term! I’ve enjoyed reading some of your posts!

    • Sarah–thanks for stopping by! It’s so fun to find people you have so much in common with online. Congrats on your very-near-debt-freedom! I cannot wait for that feeling!

  8. Hi Kelsey and Dexter its Pam I as so glad the fire didn’t get any worse than it was. I was reading your blog and really enjoyed it. If Kevin and I can help in any way please let us know and we will try to do what we can. I have stopped drinking diet pop every day due to some of the contents, and found out that I don’t have as many aches and pains that I used to so I just drink it maybe once or twice a week. It has really made a
    difference as far as feeling bad. Tell Dexter we are glad he has a new job that he likes, its not good to go to work all the time not likeing what your doing. That is what my job
    did to me and it wasn’t fun anymore. Well I am watching the ballgame and Kevin is on his 7 day stretch at work so thought I would attempt to get this out to you. Did you get your birthday cards? Kevin’s birthday is Sunday and he has to work but I am getting him a cake and taking him out later for supper when he is finally off. He will be off on
    weekends now until Christmas. By the way Thanksgiving at my house if you can make it if not hope to see you guys sometime soon. Love Pam and Kevin

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