Little Things

“You’ll have so much time to blog now that it’s summer!”

This is what my loving, supportive friends say, now that school is out. I agree. I have plenty of time to blog. But I can’t for the life of me figure out what to talk to you about.

I don’t have a strong agenda to communicate–how you should eat less meat or no meat or more leafy green veggies. I could tell you about my thoughts, but a post every day that essentially says, “God, what on earth do you want us to do with this life?” might start to feel repetitive. I could post new recipes, but we’re eating pretty simply around here.

I want to start this conversation again, so I’ll begin with little things, and see where they take us.

Little things, like my sleepy companion who acted like he wanted to snuggle but then took up all the room on the chair.

Little things, like my wrinkle-headed friend who has claimed the ottoman as his bed.

And little things, like how the crop feature in photoshop can take a picture of the recycling, the water dish, the dog toy, and the slobber towel…

…and turn it into a simple breakfast.


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