Snapware Canisters

I am a little bit in love with canisters.

The problem is that I have so many ingredients that would love to be stored in a canister that I ended up with a pantry that looked like this.

I knew that 800 round, decorative canisters with rounded lids or cute handles on the top were not going to fix this problem. Every few months, I reorganized the pantry, hoping that this time, this new arrangement, it wouldn’t revert back to its pantry-tornado state.

It always did.

Finally, over winter break, I opened the pantry during the “tornado” and reached up onto the back of the top shelf, hoping to come back with my cookie decorating sugars and candy. I got what I was looking for, but I also brought the bowl and lid of my food processor with me. They fell on the floor and broke.

That’s when I decided to take the plunge.

About a year ago, I saw some Snapware containers at Gordman’s. I knew they would solve all my problems, but there wasn’t room for them in the budget. We had just started our Total Money Makeover, so I was determined not to start off on the wrong foot. Soon, they were sold out, and I moved on. When my food processor broke during the pantry-chaos-incident, I realized that the Christmas money I had gotten would cover the cost of some new Airtight Snapware canisters.

I signed up for their e-mail list and got a 40% of coupon code. I got exactly what I needed for exactly the amount of money I had to spare.

They arrived on my last day of winter break. I ran them through the dishwasher, dried them, printed off labels, and filled them. Here’s my pantry now!

So far, they’re working pretty well. Things I use most often, like sugar and whole wheat flour, are stored toward the front, but I can access things stacked in the back fairly easily. Since they’re transparent, I can see what’s in each one and don’t have to spend time finding the labels (which are mostly there to distinguish between look-alike products like whole wheat flour and whole wheat pastry flour).

my counter and stove top after the pantry was cleaned out

In case you’re wondering, I ordered these for 5 lb bags of flour, these for white sugar and oats, these for brown sugar and powdered sugar, and these for miscellaneous baking items like baking soda and cocoa powder. The first three kinds are the perfect size for the foods I wanted them to store. I wish I had ordered the last kind a little bigger.

I was a little disappointed that my smaller canisters don’t have room to be stacked on top of my tallest canisters–but that’s my fault for not measuring. It was also pretty difficult to get the lids snapped on to the canisters the first time. Now that I’ve used them a few times, it’s a lot easier. One lid came with a “snapper” partly broken off, which was disappointing, but since it snaps on four sides I wasn’t actually too concerned with it not keeping my food fresh enough. I didn’t try contacting Snapware about the problem, but I imagine their customer service department would have taken care of the problem had I communicated with them.

I’m excited to order from Snapware again in the future. I think my next purchase would be a cupcake carrier. (or two…I’m pretty serious about cupcakes.) Although I may have to get a few more to organize the top shelf.

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