A Quiet Return to Blogging

Hello, friends.

Life has been full since my last post, which was nearly 6 months ago. So full, in fact, that there was no room in it for blogging. To be honest, for quite some time, I didn’t miss blogging. After experiencing my fifteen minutes of blog fame (twice!) I thought I should, you know, try to “become someone” in the blog world. But my fifteen minutes wore me out. I was wrong when I assumed my introversion was restricted to face-to-face interactions.

I’m back, not trying to become anyone, but trying to be myself–something I’m working on in real life, not just online. I want to write for me. If you’re reading, I want to write for you, too. But this introvert won’t wear herself out trying to write for the whole world just yet.

While you’re here, visit my 30 Before 30 page to see my newly revised list of goals. How does it compare to your life to-dos?


3 thoughts on “A Quiet Return to Blogging

  1. Welcome back. You’ve been missed.

    It’s surprising how overwhelming blogging can be. Over the last year {plus} I’ve tried removing the stress from it all and just letting it go. I don’t quite get the traffic I once did, but not having that pressure has been a relief.

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