Wearing Red Lipstick on my (pre-)Anniversary Date

I am usually a fairly modest make-up wearer. I try to match everything from foundation to lip gloss to my natural colors, and wear it only to make all the colors look even. (I’ve come to the conclusion that my face is like a Monet. There are lots of splotches of perfectly normal colors, with a few abnormal splotches thrown in. It looks fine, make-up-less, from far away, but up close it gets a little…busy.)

Last week, however, I decided to go crazy and I bought a tube of red lipstick. (Revlon’s Certainly Red, to be precise, with red lip liner. Revlon doesn’t test on animals.)

I don’t know exactly where the idea originated–whether from Dexter or from me. Dexter has some hipster tendencies, and his taste in women–rather, in woman–is a little bit hipster, too.

I think he would much rather I sport the style below than long blond hair and contacts.

Dexter is one of the main reasons I’ve had short hair and glasses for the past several years (because if you don’t know what you want, you might as well get the haircut that one person in the relationship will love).

Dexter claims that he would have really liked the new Emma Watson short haircut on me.

It’s not that I don’t trust him that he would like it. (Okay, I a-little-bit didn’t believe it.) I was just pretty sure I’d feel like a boy unless I was wearing a dress, heels, make-up, and earrings. And I don’t have time time, money, or sense of style to make that work.

Plus, I think I might be coming into a hipster style of my own.

Plain, loosely gathered, feminine hair feels a little bit more me. The only thing I wouldn’t naturally have worn in this picture is the red lipstick.

So, I went ahead and tried it. I still expect people to laugh when they see me in my clown make-up.

I’ve worn it three times now. Once the first day I got it, to see how it looked.

I wore it again to the farmers’ market on Saturday, when Dexter didn’t recognize me as I was walking toward him. (I was wearing a new dress, sunglasses, and red lipstick, and I had my hair up. So I can’t exactly blame him. He even looked away from me because he didn’t want to start checking out cute girls at the farmers’ market. ::blush::)

I wore it again last night when we went out to eat at Atlas.

We sat out on the patio for the first time ever–it was gorgeous, just the right temperature, and we were in the shade.

One of their specials was a rhubarb spritzer. And since you know how I love rhubarb, I had to get it. It was pretty delicious and contained a house-made rhubarb syrup.

I got the Greek Goddess salad. Usually I get the Greek Goddess burrito, but I decided to spice things up. It was a good decision. The croutons definitely made up for the lack of tortilla.

Dexter got a buffalo chicken wrap. I had a bite. It was a little heavy (for me), with mashed potatoes and fried chicken, but it tasted delicious. (Their meat is antibiotic and hormone free, but they don’t provide any other information about its source. So it’s on the no-meat-if-i-stop-being-veg list for me.)

The reason we went to Atlas last night was because every year, they email you two coupons–a free entree for your birthday and free chocolate cake and champagne for your anniversary. Although our anniversary isn’t for a few more weeks, we decided to use the coupon early since we have other day-of anniversary plans.

Atlas is the home of the “chocolate paradise” I mentioned on Tuesday (see balsamic ice cream).

When it’s gone, it looks like this:

We rounded out the evening by talking about some of our favorite memories from the last five years.

Would you ever sport red lipstick in public?

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*Click the top three pictures for sources. All others by Dexter and me.*


24 thoughts on “Wearing Red Lipstick on my (pre-)Anniversary Date

  1. How fun! Now I want to get red lipstick! I think I have had so many style in the 7 years of being with Trent he could spot me form 50 yards away. I laughed out loud at work when you said Dexter didn’t recognize you! I think you would make a great hipster-hippy gal! You need to come to Portland and perfect your style. 🙂

  2. Kelsey,
    I really liked this post. Especially the pics. Way to go on being brave enough to try red lipstick! You look good. And my favorite part was that Dexter looked away!! Hope you have many more fun red lipstick days!!


  3. You look cute! I totally think you could rock the first haircut, and I might steal that idea! I’ve been cutting my hair shorter and shorter as I get older, but I’m only 23, so I’m going to have to stop somewhere! : )

    • Thanks! I had a similar haircut a while ago, but I am really bad at styling hair, so it never had the effortlessly-comfortable-but-not-dorky look I wanted.

  4. The lipstick looks great on you, wish you had photos from the Farmers Market! What a fun thing to try out. I’ve always wanted to do red but it always looks so silly on me like clown lips maybe I just need to keep trying different shades. The (pre)anniversary meal and dessert look so yummy!

    • I took a face pic at the farmer’s market (I blogged part of my Market Monday post from there) but I thought it was a dorky picture. I tend to think that about most pictures of myself, though, so I should probably get over it and just post it.

  5. I own a red lipstick, can’t really say I’m using it to much though. But it looks great, and I think everyone except me looks great with red lipstick (:

    • Thanks. That’s exactly how I feel about red lipstick (and many other fashionable things). Great on other people–weird on me.

  6. Clowns scare me. Your lipstick picture did not scare me. Ergo, you do not look like a clown. You look beautiful. You look darling no matter how you wear your hair, but you can really rock a short hair cut I

  7. Way to go hot stuff! I’ve always been pretty muted in my make-up choices, but I’m trying to branch out and add more color {especially to my eyelids}. It’s a scary step to take, because you feel all sorts of awkward at first. But slowly it becomes more natural. And in my case, very, very slowly. 😉

  8. I love red lipstick. Wearing it makes me feel powerful and important, a sexy lady on a mission (whatever that mission may be). It’s confidence in a tube.

    I think a lot of women are afraid of red lipstick because they’re not confident that they can “pull it off.” The truth is, red lipstick looks good on absolutely everyone, provided they find the ride shade for their skin tone. You picked a Personally, being blonde and fair skinned, I have to go for a shade of red that is slightly pink, otherwise I get the dreaded clown look. After many trial-and-error lipstick purchases, I found that my favorite is Cranberry Crush Buttershine lipstick by Clinique (who also doesn’t test on animals, though I admit it’s a bit of a splurge.) I love their Buttershine lipsticks because they’re the best of both worlds; lightweight and smooth like lipgloss (without feeling sticky), with the coverage and color of a lipstick. Hard to explain, I guess, but give it a test-run next time you’re at a department store.. you’ll see.

    Wow, that comment got long fast. I didn’t realize I had that much to say about lipstick.

    • Oh, my, evidently writing on my phone doesn’t work very well. What I meant to write was “You picked a good one–vibrant and rosy, which compliments your skin well (no worries about clown comparisons!)”

  9. I think it looks so so great on you!!! I’ve never been so brave, but maybe I’ll try some red on my lips soon! I love the farmer’s market story. hehe! so sweet!

  10. I had a makeup adventure this week too, but I haven’t blogged about it yet. I’m not sure I can pull off the red just yet though…since I normally wear no makeup! I don’t think I can do super short hair either…My current “short” hair takes way more time to maintain than my long hair, which I love, not so much my hubby. =p Your meal sounds delish!!! Happy early anniversary!

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