Market Monday

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Saturday was possibly the best farmers’ market day ever. We did get some good veggies, but the day started out spectacularly. After dropping Dexter off to work the market, I had my first successful morning run ever–and got one day closer to earning my new shoes. (And then on Sunday, I earned them!)

Aronia Auf Lauf and Spearmint Tea

Capanna’s stand was set up right next to Devotay‘s stand, so we forewent our usual apple cider doughnuts and bought “auf laufs.” Auf laufs are an Austrian version of crepes, but they’re a little thicker than crepes, and can be served with sweet or savory fillings like crepes. Dexter and I shared mango and aronia (also known as chokeberry) auf laufs. They were perhaps even more delicious (and probably one hundred times more healthy) than our doughnut habit, although they were four times as expensive. I also bought a glass of spearmint tea from Devotay for just a dollar–which included a free refill. I was happy to find a refreshing, caffeine free drink to sip on since it was incredibly hot outside.

At our CSA, we picked up a dozen eggs, several potatoes, a large head of broccoli, and a huge bag of kale and collard greens. We also bought a pork shoulder roast because I’ve promised to make Cuban sandwiches this week for dinner. They’re Dexter’s favorite. Finally, we bought a basket of yellow and purple beans from a stand we’ve never purchased from before. I forgot to take a picture of all the food before I cooked and ate it.

Sunday night, we ate baked eggs with greens and mushrooms (loosely based on the Smitten Kitchen recipe found here), roasted potatoes, bacon from Grass Run Farm, and some delicious whole grain cornmeal lemon-blueberry pancakes.

Tonight, we had stir-fry with broccoli, greens, carrots and last week‘s cabbage. I need to acquire some frozen fruit so I can use the gigantic bag of greens in my fridge in some green smoothies.

I’m hoping to try out this Bobby Flay recipe for Cuban sandwiches. Has anybody out there ever made a Cuban before? Any tips?

Did you make it to a farmers’ market this week? What’s cooking at your house?


5 thoughts on “Market Monday

  1. Hmmm… Devotay. I miss that place. We went there for special occasions like our anniversary and with my parents once. Such great food.

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