Market Monday

Last week, I did not do a good job of using up what I bought at the farmers’ market. I only used the garlic scapes in one batch of eggs and still need to use the radishes. Obviously, I haven’t done a lot of cooking. It was one of those weeks when we had plans every night, and by the time I had time to cook, I was too tired.

I did, however, keep my basil and mint plants alive!

I I don’t want to start a habit of wasting what I buy, so again, I didn’t buy much this week. I bought caramel corn as part of my dad’s father’s day gift, and my mom bought the eggs from me because she’d been wanting to try them out.

The rhubarb, kohlrabi, and lettuce are for us. I plan on making one of these recipes with the rhubarb–I’m thinking the cookies. The kohlrabi will be part of a stir fry to go on top of some hot and sour rice noodles I made last week. The lettuce will just be for salads.

Around here, it’ll be a simple week of piecing together simple, healthy meals and using up what we have.

What did you find at the farmers’ market this week?


2 thoughts on “Market Monday

  1. Yea, for keeping plants alive! I acquired a plant from someone else’s CSA-are those the correct initials?:)
    Anyway, I don’t even know what I am trying to keep alive! I need to google the leaves and see what I am trying to grow!! 🙂

  2. That’s an awesome spread! We got a cookie and cherries this week because it’s very easy for me to drop $20-30 without really trying and that’s on top of our groceries, if our market weren’t mid week I could plan to use those veggies more but if I wait until Wednesday to buy them we run out by the end of the weekend and I go shopping. Hmm sounds like I could use some better planning hehe.

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