Greek Yogurt with Berries

A long time ago, I think I tried Greek yogurt. (Either that, or I formed an opinion that it was gross without trying it.)

Then, I kept hearing people talk about it like they really liked it. I assumed they were just trying to sound cool, but I’m not one to be left out of a yummy food situation, so when I saw it on sale at our local health food store, I bought a 32 oz. container.

I mixed in some honey and topped it with berries. After my first bite, I considered renouncing ice cream for good because I loved my new bedtime snack so much. Even Dexter agrees, and he’s not one to mess around with desserts.

I tossed a quart of Greek  yogurt into my cart every time I went to the store during the weeks it was on sale. For some reason, I went to the store much more than usual, and I purchased a lot of Greek yogurt. And I am not tired of it.

Last night, I even had it without honey. I felt like a good, healthy grown up.

I’ve saved the remains of my last quart in hopes of using the cultures to make my own yogurt in the crockpot. I’m know I could make thick yogurt with another starter just by straining it a little when it’s done, but I decided not to risk it!

How do you feel about Greek yogurt?

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12 thoughts on “Greek Yogurt with Berries

  1. I’m a fan, but think it does need something sweet, cause I think it tends to be a bit tart. However, it has crazy amounts of protein {like 15g, I think} and that is what sells me.

  2. I like that it has lots of protein, too, Sarah!! Plus I feel like I am really eating something, because it is so much thicker than the regular yogurt I buy. I sometimes mix half Greek with half carton of flavored lite yogurt and that helps out with the tartness. I am not sure if I am ready to give up ice cream yet, though!! 🙂 I do like to mix yogurt and cottage cheese as that boosts the protein content some, also.

  3. I bet we were buying the yogurt at the same time!! It is a wonder they had any left, because that is the best price I had ever seen it!!

  4. I used to think greek yogurt was gross and that my friends were just trying to be fancy, but like Sarah, I was sold on the amount of protein that’s in it! Then of course it actually tastes good when sweetened a bit. I’ve thought of trying to make it in my crock pot, but i’ve been nervous. I’d love to know how your’s turns out. 🙂

  5. I love greek yogurt and eat it just like you but also add a little granola or sliced almonds for crunch and I stick with the honey! Unfortunately it sometimes makes me sick to my stomach so I’m on a break. So, I’m back to my first love plain yogurt fixed the same way. Enjoy your greek goodness!

  6. I’m working on trying to like it. I agree with Sarah that it does need something sweet, unless you are using it in place of sour cream. I found a couple of kinds (flavored) that I have been able to eat and have used it in recipes. Sometimes I find it too thick. Pollyanna, however, does not like greek yogurt. Have you blogged the recipe you use to make your own yogurt in a crock pot?

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  8. For a real change, make something savoury with your yoghurt. Grate some cucumber and squeeze out some of the moisture, mix with Greek yoghurt and garlic and just a drop of olive oil. Serve with crudites or toasted pitta bread – yummy. This is a traditional Cyprus starter called tzatziki.

  9. Coming over here from TNAT. I LOVE Greek yogurt!! I have some in the fridge right now, vanilla flavor. I have not been brave enough to make my own yogurt yet. Let us know how it turns out for you.

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