Market Monday Begins

I have a confession to make.

Those of you who might consider me your connection to youthful-vegetarian-hipster-environmental culture may be disappointed. And it’s not just because I’m past the quarter-life mark and sometimes throw away my tin cans.

Until last year, I didn’t like farmers’ markets. Don’t get me wrong. I like farmers and I like food, I just hated going to my city’s farmers’ market. I only went occasionally on a weekday night to pick up my CSA box, exhausted from a day at work, and in a hurry to get home. The aisle between the vendors was interminably filled with strollers, old people, and chatty gawkers.

One Saturday morning last summer, we were lured downtown by free coffee (a benefit of Dexter’s job which we possibly appreciate as much as the insurance premiums my job pays). Our secret free parking area is just steps away from the farmers’ market, and for some reason we decided to go in. We had no time constraint and no goal other than to look around. We took one lap around to take it all in. We took another lap around to distinguish who was advertising spray-free or organic produce.

I think it was the point at which we bought our first pastry that I fell in love with the farmers’ market. One week we found handheld apple pies. The next week we discovered cherry turnovers. We have developed an addiction to the apple cider doughnuts.

Our Saturday morning addictions are from Barb’s Pantry.

My curmudgeonly distaste for farmers’ markets has turned into a somewhat fanatic enthusiasm. And only in part because farmers’ market day can also be referred to as coffee and doughnut day. I looked forward to the beginning of the farmers’ market all spring, and looked forward to going all through the work week. My beginning ESL students have all known what a farmers’ market is since last fall when we eased into Monday mornings with a “What did you do this weekend?” conversation and all their teacher could talk about was food.

Fortunately, I have also become aware of the vegetables and other products that are sold at farmers’ markets. We decided to forgo our traditional CSA for a variety of reasons (which I will delight you with in a future post) and make a point to shop at the farmers’ market this summer.

This week, I bought a dozen eggs from pasture-raised hens. (I actually bought them from a man, but they originally came from hens.) Last week, I bought these same eggs but used them all up in baking projects. My goal this week is to eat the eggs alone or make omelets so I can find out what these eggs really taste like!

I also bought a bunch of rhubarb. Last week, I made rhubarb crisp. Print off this recipe and make it. If you’ve never tried rhubarb, buy some now and follow this recipe. You will be changed. I thought my mom was crazy for years because she like it, but I made her a mothers’ day dessert with it once and now I have a slight obsession.

Finally, I bought a bunch of radishes. I don’t have a radish obsession by any means, but the the combination of green leaves, red bulbs and white tips was just irresistible. We used the radishes in this delicious salad:

Spring Market Salad

Serves two as a generous side dish



  • 1 small head romaine, rinsed and dried,
  • 2 handfuls spinach, rinsed and dried (leftover from last week’s farmers’ market purchase)
  • 1 handful radishes, trimmed and washed
  • 2 oz. feta cheese, broken into small pieces


  • 2 Tbsp. apple cider vinegar
  • 2 Tbsp. extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 Tbsp. cold water
  • 1 pinch salt
  • a few grinds of black pepper
  • a drizzle of honey or agave


  • Combine dressing ingredients in jar. Secure lid on jar. Shake.
  • Chop romaine and spinach into bite sized pieces.
  • Slice radishes
  • In a large bowl, toss dressing with lettuce.
  • Divide lettuce into two salad bowls. Top with radishes and feta.
  • Add meat, nuts, and/or dried fruit to make into main course salad.

I knew I’d want to blog about my farmers’ market finds. I also knew I’d want to hear about what friends and strangers on the world wide web were finding at their local markets, and maybe more importantly, how they were using those finds in meals throughout the week. Because buying kohlrabi is a cool thing to do, but cooking with it and subsequently eating it is much more impressive.


And so begins Market Monday. I plan to share with you each week what I found at the farmers’ market and how I plan to cook with it. Here’s how you can play along:

  • Leave a comment below telling what you found at the farmers’ market and your plans for cooking and eating it. Or link to a post you’ve written addressing the same things. (Then, link back to me in your post so your readers can get in on the fun.)
  • Couldn’t make it to the farmers’ market? Tell us about what was in your CSA box, or even what seasonal produce you found at your grocery store. Did you choose local tomatoes over imported? The goal here is learning and progress, not farmers’ market snobbery.
  • Read the comments below for inspiration. Visit the links and comment on those people’s blogs because comments are so exciting to get. Seriously, I get palpitations when I see a notice in my inbox that I’ve received one.

So, what did you find at your farmers’ market this week?

P.S. – Want to grab the cute Market Monday button my handsome graphic designer husband made for me? Use the code below:

<a title=”marketmonday by kjacobs729, on Flickr” href=””><img src=”; alt=”marketmonday” width=”150″ height=”150″ /></a>


5 thoughts on “Market Monday Begins

  1. We went last week. Your Uncle Dave needs to find some magic doughnuts to help him like Farmer’s Markets too. He may have found it in a breakfast burrito. I found a vendor selling Rice Pudding! Warm with cinammon and raisins it most yummy on a chilly spring morning. I also bought asparagus which I roasted with some olive oil, salt and pepper. Oh and we also got a Big Scary Kitty treat from the dog bakery!

  2. I have only gone to the Coralville Farmers Market once this year. It was a little pathetic with not many vendors. Maybe thats just b/c it is early in the season though. Anyway, I bought a couple cherry tomato plants from this guy that was very generous with great tips on how to make the most of growing them. My mother insisted on buying me not one but two desserts. I had 3/4 of a pineapple upside down cake (amazing!) and a bite of a russian pastry… my son got the rest.

    The reason he ate mine was because he got this mini chocolate pie. But he didn’t like it b/c it had nuts. So, Dan and I ate it. Let me just say, this was possibly the best dessert I’ve ever tasted! It was so complex in its flavors. All I can remember now was that it had hazelnuts, but I know that were a few other impressive ingredients. The $3 price tag was well worth it!

    I’m going to have to make it to the Iowa City one, if for nothing else than some rhubarb to try that recipe you recommended!

  3. Having lived down the street from the CVille farmer’s market, I became a little obsessed with them last year. It wasn’t until June that they really started having good stuff, but once they did, they really did.

    Texas has their farmer’s market for much longer in the year, but sadly I have yet to go to one. For a variety of reasons, it hasn’t been a priority. But once I am back in town, we will start going, because I love the markets so much.

  4. We saw Dexter there and he recommended that we try the donuts, but we never really made it back over to the stand to get any. However, after having seen your picture of them we will definitely have to check them out next week!

    This week was our first time having ever been to the Iowa City farmers market and I must say that it blows the north liberty one out of the water! There were only 3 stands at north liberty’s market when we drove by it last week. The downtown farmers market is almost overwhelming, we weren’t really sure where to begin. We pretty much already had everything that we were going to need over the next few days so we didn’t buy anything major, but next week we’ll have to pick out some greens as well as some other vegetables. I’ve never had bison before and saw there was a bison stand there, perhaps we’ll check out some of that, too.

    We ended up getting some fresh squeezed lemonade juice that Andrea and I split and we also got some peach jam and some kettle corn.

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