Top Ten Random Facts About Me

I’ve posted about once a week for the past several weeks, and I feel out of the blogging loop. To help me ease back in I thought I’d make my top ten list about something I’m familiar with–myself. Here are the top ten things you might not know about me.

  1. I met Dexter when I was 17. We were friends for about six months before we officially started dating. We first said “I love you” on during our freshman year of college at Gray’s Lake Bridge. I told Dexter that if he proposed during our freshman year, I would definitely say no. He proposed three days before Christmas our sophomore year of college. We got married the following summer at 20. Almost five years later, I’m sooo happy I went against what is normal and got married young.
  2. I really dislike young adult fiction written for girls. I had to start reading Jane Austen when I was 12 because I had burned through Nancy Drew and the L.M. Montgomery books and couldn’t stand any of my other options.
  3. I learned how to cook by watching Rachael Ray, so even though I eat sandwiches and not “sammies,” she has a special place in my heart. In college, I’d always turn off the TV as soon as her show was over because I thought Good Eats, which came on next, was obnoxious. Now it’s my favorite show.
  4. Dexter and I worked in the same building at an agricultural research company for three weeks two summers before we met.
  5. The first concert I ever went to was The Waiting. I went with my friend Betsy and both our moms. I bought a cassette tape with Susan B. Anthony coins and got a poster signed by the band. They were one of my favorite bands for a long time–the kind where when they make an album, you buy it, because you know you’re going to like it. They stopped performing a long time ago, but thanks to Wikipedia, I learned that they’re recording a new album this year. I’m really hoping they have a concert or two in the midwest this summer!
  6. I’ve tried to train for a 5K three times but have never finished. I’ve even signed up to do races, but that didn’t motivate me enough. I can flake out with the best of them. I did day 1 of a nine week plan on Sunday night and I think I have time to devote to training. My plan is to run 3 days a week and do 30 Day Shred 3 days a week. If I stay on track, I’ll have run a 5K by my 5th anniversary.
  7. I know how to make gelato, which is fancy, delicious, healthy(er) Italian ice cream.
  8. I am a sports wimp and quitter. I decided not to try out for softball with my friends in elementary school because I was too scared. I played on the losing-est volleyball team in the league when I was in middle school. I faked sick during a pre-season swimming clinic so I could go home and quit (after my mom bought me an expensive swimsuit). I stayed on the golf team in high school for an entire season because I was too embarrassed to quit (and possibly because my mom made me). I drilled a goose with one of my best hits ever, and I think I got par on my last hole of the season.
  9. I have watched every episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation. And yes, I am in the running for best wife of the year. But I actually like the show. I didn’t do so well with the subsequent series, Deep Space Nine.
  10. I had two poems published when I was in high school. One was even on it’s very own page. I think it was in the book’s top ten list.

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2 thoughts on “Top Ten Random Facts About Me

  1. My top ten list of information about you: (1) You were a 10 pound, four ounce baby. (2) You had a broken collar bone at birth. (3) You didn’t sleep through the night consistently until you were 20 months old. (4) You used to say “ah-we-dah” for “I love you.” (5)”Em-n-ee” was what you used to call sticking your wet finger in a bowl of sugar (6) You had “biscuity” cheeks (7) You bit your tiny baby sister’s pinky when you were about 3 1/2 (8) You pushed the same sister down the stairs and then pretended you fell down the stairs, too, to make her falling seem like an accident (9) You and that sister are good friends now (10)You are liked by your students and “wicked smart” (to quote a fellow teacher)

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