Meal Plan Monday 4.18.11

It’s been a long time since I posted a meal plan, but since I’m cooking for four, I need to organize. What better place to organize my links the new recipes I’ve found than here? I’ve found some very yummy sounding recipes that I’m excited to try this week.

Although I cook for four people total, I only cook for all four at once on Sundays–and yesterday they were both busy at dinner time. On weekdays, we only have three at the table each night. I’ve decided to cook three meals a week, and serve leftovers two nights a week. Most of the time, my sides are frozen veggies, salad, or canned fruit. Saturdays, it’s just Dexter and me.

Here’s the plan for this week:

Sunday “family dinner” – Meatloaf inspired by this recipe, balsamic baked onions and potatoes, canned fruit (I’ll eat leftovers instead of meatloaf)

Monday & Tuesday – Greek turkey or chickpea/lentil burgers with tapenade, tater tots one night and fresh green beans the other, quinoa & black bean salad (adapted from here)

Wednesday & ThursdayVegetable soup with corn bread croutons, leftover balsamic baked onions and potatoes or frozen green beans, canned fruit

Friday – Pizza, salad, fruit

I knew that eating a meal I actually cooked every night this week would be a stretch for a girl who has served canned soup, frozen soup, pasta, and Papa Johns for the last two weeks. However, I made sure to do my grocery shopping on Saturday and lots of prep work on Sunday. To give you an idea of how I prepared for the week and plan to finish cooking later on this week, here’s my meal plan work schedule:


  • Make meatloaf, balsamic potatoes and onions in the oven
  • Wash and chop vegetables for soup; saute veggies in soup pot; store in fridge for Monday
  • Make chickpea/lentil burger mixture
  • Make turkey burger patties
  • Make quinoa & black bean salad


  • Cook burgers
  • Make tapenade
  • Cook tater tots
  • Make cornbread for Wednesday’s croutons


  • Cook burgers
  • Cook green beans


  • Add 2 c. water to soup, bring to a boil, and simmer for 30 minutes
  • Use cornbread to make croutons
  • Warm up veggie side dish
  • Make pizza crust; possibly parbake


  • Reheat soup
  • Warm up veggie side dish


  • Top pizza crust
  • Chop and wash salad
  • Open can of fruit (or be lazy and just eat pizza & salad)

What are you planning to cook this drizzly spring week?

I’m linking this meal plan to This Week For Dinner for the very first time this week!


3 thoughts on “Meal Plan Monday 4.18.11

  1. I’m off work this week so I’m going to have lots of time in the kitchen – hurrah! I’m planning Drunken Chicken, lots of interesting salads, fajitas and, since it’s Easter Sunday and we’ll have the family round, I’m praying for some good weather so that we can fire up the BBQ for the first time this year. Not very good at planning though; I’m more o a mood food type person so this may all change!

    • Sounds like a delicious week at your house! During the summer, when I don’t work (I’m a teacher) I’m all for daily mood dinner. But during school, if I don’t plan, we’re having spaghetti…again, and again.

  2. For the past month or so I’ve been trying to be better about planning a weekly menu and grocery shopping. I usually menu plan on Monday and shop Tuesday morning (just because that seems to work well with my work schedule right now). Since I work afternoons, I tend to do most of my prep in the mornings or occasionally on a Monday or Wednesday evening and then just reheat it when we eat. It’s fun to see details of how you handle this.

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