Top Ten Things I Haven’t Bought (But Really Wanted To)

When my old boss was saving to buy a new house, she decided to keep a running list of all the things she wanted to buy but didn’t. Each day, she totalled how much she had “saved” as a morale booster. These are the things I’ve been jonesing for, but have not bought for the sake of our Total Money Makeover.

  1. Trip to New York over Spring Break – $1,500
  2. Adorable dresser from IKEA – $300
  3. Bed and headboard from IKEA – $800
  4. Window treatments for my living room, basement, kitchen, and bedroom – approx. $320
  5. Dyson vacuum – $550
  6. iPad – $500
  7. MacBookPro – $1200
  8. Vizio TV with apps – $2,200
  9. Honda Civic Hybrid – $24,000
  10. A mustang for Dexter – $23,000

In our culture, lots of people would have gone out and charged most of these things. I’m thankful to have had parents who made sure I knew how dangerous credit cards can be. So, for my morale booster today, I’ve saved $54,370 (+ tax and interest)!

Maybe it’s silly to think I would have bought all of these things. However, with the exception of the cars, I’ve thought to myself on more than one occasion, “It would be so useful. I should just get it before I think better of it.”

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5 thoughts on “Top Ten Things I Haven’t Bought (But Really Wanted To)

  1. I love this idea! I imagine that you will either get those things some day or decide that you really don’t need them. If you do get them, you’ll enjoy them without feeling guilty or disappointed with yourself. I think the self-control “muscle” is underdeveloped in many folks, but you are growing in strength! You’ll have some good stories to share with Dave R. when you get to make your Debt Free call to him someday!

    • Thanks, Annie. I’m thinking about saving a little each month for some of these things. That way, I’ll still feel like I’m getting them, but it will happen much more slowly. I’m also challenging myself to find things on craigslist that I can update to look the way I want, like the bed and dresser. Hopefully those will give me some good summer projects!

  2. I am wanting to call Dave Ramsey to get his permission to spend money. We are debt free, we have an emergency fund and good stuff. I still don’t necessarily feel like it’s OK to actually spend money on something.

    Calculating how much you are not spending is a great way to have a perspective…you almost get to think doubling the money because you didn’t spend it AND you applied that money towards your debt and interest!

    • I think I’ll feel the same way. You get used to not spending money, and then it’s hard to realize that fun with money is okay too!

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