Making Herbs Simple with Living As Of the Day

Most of my life, I’ve thought that conventional medicine was effective and that homeopathy was something that weird people believed in. As I’ve begun reading more blogs written by people who use homeopathic remedies, I’ve realized that they get better from their illnesses with their strategies, too.

I don’t think I’ll ever be totally anti-antibiotics when antibiotics are effective (you know, for a bacterial infection). However, I would love to start using herbs and other natural solutions for everyday problems that don’t call for professional medical attention, like headaches and body aches.

Unfortunately, my ignorance of herbs prevents me from finding an effective solution for my aches and pains, so I continue funneling ibuprofen down my throat.

Remember Ambre of hot chocolate renown? She has a solution for us! Until Wednesday, April 6, she’s giving away five copies of the DVD Herbs Made Simple from the Bulk Herb Store. Watching a DVD sounds like a fun, easy way to get an introduction to useful herbs. Head over and check out her giveaway here!


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