More Adventures in St. Paul

I wrote about the top ten things we did on our trip to the Twin Cities on Tuesday, but I only shared the highlights from Saturday and Sunday. Monday was filled with new adventures that we loved, so I thought it deserved its very own post. We started our final day in the Twin Cities with breakfast at Nina’s Coffee Cafe in the Cathedral Hill neighborhood of St. Paul. I’ll admit, I was a little wary of a place that has both “coffee” and “cafe” in its name. But I’m so glad we didn’t give up the first two times we drove past it.

Excuse my sunlit face. I tried to photoshop some color in. Although, since I chose to travel north for spring break, I probably deserve the pale skin I have. In this photo, I have not yet enjoyed one of the best lattes I’ve ever had. I was impressed that the barista steamed Dexter’s and my milk separately. It was definitely worth the wait. She also did some pretty latte art, which was only worth the wait because good latte art usually comes after milk has been steamed perfectly. I ate a giant oat-fig-ginger scone for breakfast. Needless to say, I’m now obsessed with the oat-fig-ginger combination. Lucky for me, Smitten Kitchen has a new oat and maple syrup scone recipe out for me to play with!

Before moving on to the science museum, we headed to the basement where Garrison Keillor’s bookstore, Common Good Books, is located. It had a nice variety of non-mainstream books to peruse. It also had quotes printed on the walls. Not all were as depressing as the one pictured above, which I did not read until I was uploading it to my computer earlier.

Next, we dropped a chunk of change for tickets to the Science Museum of Minnesota. We saw a King Tut exhibit with artifacts from his tomb and the tombs of several other pharaohs. The highlight, for me, was seeing a sculpture of Ramses, since Moses could have seen the very same statue. It was also interesting to learn that pharaohs started preparing their tombs as soon as their reigns began and often reclaimed sculptures of other pharaohs by scratching out the names and dates and carving in new ones. Dexter, my typography-loving graphic design nerd, liked seeing the hieroglyphics worked into the sculptures.

Then, I made Dexter pose like a T-Rex was eating his head.

Also, there were dinosaur poop fossils pinned in a display.

After we had museumed to our hearts’ content, we headed back to Cathedral Hill to eat at The Happy Gnome.

Dexter enjoyed his Minnesota game burger with lingonberry spread. I had a salad with salt-roasted bosc pears, dried cranberries, walnut relish, black river bleu cheese, and port vinaigrette. It was yummy, but the pictures of it (and me) were terrible.

But the highlight was dessert. Oh the dessert. I wish I had skipped my entrée, as much as I enjoyed it, and ordered another dessert because their dessert menu was a collection of every dessert I never knew I wanted to eat. Chocolate flourless torte. Warm pear and almond tartlette. Caramel apple bread pudding. But we finally decided on the Dulce de Tres Leches cake, which was tres leches cake, drenched in a chocolatey soup, topped with caramel corn.

Then, reluctantly and with full, happy stomachs, we got back in the car and drove home.

We drove past the fields of windmills in northern Iowa. I like for people to know that Iowa is more than pigs and corn.

We also, apparently, have fields of cars.

It was after sunset when we got home to our puppies.

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6 thoughts on “More Adventures in St. Paul

  1. Aw, I loved this post. The coffee shop looks really cozy…and I think you look great in that picture!

    The dinosaur turds cracked me up.

    On a TOTALLY different subject, the food looks GREAT! Mouthwatering.

    Side note to Mark Twain: Way to be a wet blanket! I don’t think all humor is based in sorrow…I’m pretty much FOR SURE there will be humor in heaven.

    • Thanks!

      And I agree about Mark Twain. I know he’s famous, but he has a lot of quotes that I don’t agree with. In fact, I’m pretty sure he didn’t like Jane Austen.

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