My Cool Little Brother

Monday night, I rushed home from work and headed downtown to the Blue Moose Tap House as fast as I could.


Because I had tickets to the Atticus Metal Tour, of course!

What? I don’t seem like a heavy metal type of girl to you? You’d be surprised.

There was one HUGE thing about the show that got me interested. My (not so) little brother, Braden, was playing with his band, Visions. He’s been the durmmer in his band for a few years, but I’ve never had the chance to see him perform (although I’ve heard the music from from my parent’s basement). His shows in Des Moines tended to be early, and I could never get there in time after work in Iowa City.

His band came up to Iowa City Monday night. These boys are committed. They even lost a tire off their van on the interstate getting here! (It didn’t just pop…it came off.)

As the big sister with the fancy camera, I felt it was my duty to record the the boys (somewhat obsessively) as they rocked it 515 style.

I was proud of my self control. Although I was tempted to only take pictures of the insanely awesome drum moves, I did manage to get fairly clear shots of the other band members.

The show was quite an adventure. A mosh pit started up in front of us, and I was concerned for the safety of the Rebel. A crazy dancer behind Dexter almost punched him in the head. (In my youth, mosh pits were much safer because the venues I went to were smaller. I could hop in and just be carried across the room.)

After helping load up the drums (I got to be a groupie!) we went out for dinner at an awesome local burger joint. Then we had to go home and let our dogs out while the cool kids went back to the show.

I really enjoyed getting to see my talented little brother perform, and after a while, the screaming vocals didn’t even phase me! Maybe I could be a cool metal fan after all!

Either way, I’m super proud of my unquestionably cool little brother!


2 thoughts on “My Cool Little Brother

  1. Who knew Iowa had such a lively music scene. I am engrossed by association in young indie music here in Dallas. Only because my church has a coffee shop and a venue. Also my big brother played bass for a band called seabird and toured all over the world for a while so I understand the whole supportive sister thing. Your brother is very cool and it sounds like you are too.

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