Top Ten Pros & Cons to Starting Another Blog

I have always thought that although our Total Money Makeover became the main focus of my blog, that I was still kind of a food blogger. I decided to make a recipe page the other day to compile all the amazing recipes I’ve shared with you over the past three years. And…um…there really aren’t that many, so I didn’t do it. I’ve been going back and forth about creating another blog focused on cooking or homemaking or switching this blog to another URL and having a wider scope in general, but I’ve had a hard time deciding. I’m sharing my pros and cons list with you and hoping you’ll weigh in and make my decision for me give me your advice.

Pro #1 – I’d have my own, personal, online recipe database! No more searching through friends’ blogs to find that recipe I read two years ago and loved but didn’t print. No more searching through my disastrous highly organized cookbook cabinet for a recipe I copied and l threw into the whirlwind filed away.

Pro #2 – I’d be encouraged to try more new recipes and reflect on how successful they were. I’ve recently started cooking dinner for four, so I’ll even have a panel of willing taste testers.

Pro #3 – Each of my blogs would have a more narrow theme, which “they say” is good for growing readership. It would also help me organize my thoughts better.

Pro #4 – After we get out of debt, I won’t have to change the theme of my blog. I’ll just cut back on my money blog and continue my food blog.

Pro #5 – A new blog would allow me to have a new title and URL that might give more information on my focus than “Mrs. Dexter.”

Con #1 – I’m deathly afraid that none of my readers (especially my new ones that clicked over from Freshly Pressed!) won’t follow me to a new blog. And then my stats page will be so sad.

Con #2 – Having two blogs will probably cause me to post only one or two times a week on each blog. (Although a new blog with combined themes wouldn’t have this problem.)

Con #3 – I might feel pressure to try new recipes and stress myself out when I don’t have time. I’m thinking about doing some freelance writing to get our debt snowball moving faster, so I’m afraid that I’ll be taking on too much.

Con #4 – The lighting in my kitchen is terrible. So maybe the fewer food pictures the better?

Con #5 – The idea I have for my new blog idea is focused on a demographic that Dexter and I joke we belong to (but the real members of this group would totally know we didn’t).

What do you think? Should I start a second blog? Should I start a new blog to replace this one? Should I leave well enough alone?
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12 thoughts on “Top Ten Pros & Cons to Starting Another Blog

  1. Why can’t you just make a bar at the top that has different tabs you can click on for whatever the person wants to read about. Like on tab is Money Makeover, another tab is food, another tab could link you to a list of all your favourite blogs.

    • I think I can do that where my 30 Before 30 and book list are, although I’m not sure how it would look if I got a lot.

      I also should have included that “Mrs. Dexter” doesn’t give anyone an idea of what the heck I’m blogging about, whereas another blog name might.

      PS-I miss you. We should hang out.

  2. i’m no expert on readership… but i vote just keep your blog. i think a little variety is helpful. ie- when i ready a health magazine, i enjoy the good recipes and work out ideas- but throwing in a fashion idea here or there is kind of refreshing once and a while. so i think you could do both- might draw two different crowds. but that is just my opinion… my blog is just my hobby 😉

    • Dang…I keep thinking of things I meant to include in my post based on people’s comments. One of my “cons” was supposed to be not knowing where to put the more random posts that wouldn’t necessarily fall into the money or homemaking category.

      PS-Happy Birthday!

  3. i’m one of those people that started following your blog because you were freshly pressed! i don’t want to make your decision for you, but i did want to tell you that i would DEF follow your recipe blog if you started one! i love cooking and trying new stuff, and i would love to try some of the things you find! to give you my opinion… i do think that starting a separate blog is a really good idea. it will be easier for you to find that recipe you want to use, and it will be a lot more user friendly for people like me who follow your blog. i know i would be a lot less likely to dig through your blog to find a recipe if it was all mixed in with other stuff. you could organize the blog a lot better and make it really easy to find stuff and use. i think you would get a LOT of hits on a recipe blog, too!
    good luck in whatever you decide!

  4. This is a tough/good question! I’ve bounced back a forth on this idea, but decided to leave well enough alone. However, I know a few other bloggers maintain two blogs {usually one for fun and one more serious}. You would end up cutting back your writing, but, that’s okay, especially if your content is good. I’ve started cutting back my writing, but my stats aren’t being effected.

    And just so you feel okay about whatever you do – your readers will stick with you. They might bounce off for a little while, but readers will stay because they like you. Your writing style, your personality, etc. Even if the topic isn’t something they love, they will stay.

  5. As someone who used to publish 4 niche specific blogs and combined them all into one, I think one is a lot less pressure. Even with those four, I wasn’t able to write about everything I wanted to. But with my combined blog, I can write about anything I want.

    You can definitely find ways to structure the menus and layout so others can find their way around easily. But of course, having all the recipes and cooking stuff in one place has its benefits. And as Sarah mentioned, posting less is sometimes more, as long as the quality is there 🙂

  6. It’s hard having 2 blogs. It’s so easy to forget about one, or unduly stress over both! Unless you really want to make money or have a big community on a niche blog, I’d combine the two. I’m a fan of multi-themed personal blogs!

    Thanks for linking up!

  7. I think that if you can easily sort through your older blogs and categorize them so the categories are easily accessible to your readers, you might want to stay with the blog. But, if it were me, I would want to open a new blog, give it a fresh name, and get it all ready and categorized, and then move the older blogs over into those categories. I just think that would be easier for you since a)you seem to want a new name for your blog and b)you have all kinds of great categories like Top Ten Tuesdays, and food, and vacations, and exercise, and religion, and school, and everyday life…oh, and marriage. Great stuff! I think your fans and people searching for a certain type of blog would appreciate opening your page and seeing “food” click here, etc. And that way we can easily find an old blog if we want to.
    PLUS, you don’t have to shut this page down right away, you can put up a big url to your new blog and say “click here to go to my new blog page which is full of even more awesomeness” or something like that.
    I miss you too! We DO need to catch up, for serious!

  8. PS- This will also keep people on your blog for a longer period of time because they will click on all the little tabs thinking “did she update this one? .. did she update this one?” Know what I’m sayin’?

  9. My two cents is to have a multi-faceted blog here!
    Personally, I like reading about a variety of topics and getting to “know” the blogger more. I already have so many blogs to keep up with, so consolidation is great to me. 🙂
    Also, I like your blog name! While “Mrs. Dexter” isn’t niche specific, it is one of a kind, which I think is great for branding. 😀

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