Saturday Stumbles: Current Events, Stress, and Health Tips

I’ve been building up a mental lists of posts I’ve loved for the past month or so, and I thought I’d finally participate in my first Saturday Stumbles to share them with you. Enjoy!

These two posts are from Elise, a long-time friend who is cool in lots of ways I wish I was.

Weekend Reading – Addresses current events that are making headlines as well as human trafficking, always an issue but something I think about a lot.

Releasing Stress’ Hold on Me – Tips about stress relief from her personal experience.

Stephanie at Keeper of the Home has three related articles about stress and depression that I learned a lot from. Although I don’t have depression, I am prone to anxiety and depression, so “be prepared” is my motto.

My Journey to Burnout

Treating Depression Naturally: Supplements, Herbs, and Foods for Feeling Better

Naturally Neutralizing Stress: Herbs that Calm

Sarah at Loved Like the Church, who also recently guest posted here!

Half Marathon Training Guide: It might seem ambitious for the girl who hasn’t completed 5K training to want to do this, but a girl’s gotta dream.


4 thoughts on “Saturday Stumbles: Current Events, Stress, and Health Tips

  1. Those look like some great posts to read through!

    And dude, you can totally run a half marathon. Maybe it would be helpful to join a running club to jump start training? Just a thought.

    • Sure, Sarah. Suggest something that makes me get out of my comfort zone. You’re probably right. There’s a running shoe place nearby that has group runs. After I finish a 5K, I think I might give it a shot. Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. Great recommendations, thanks! Also I was just in my kitchen thinking about pumpkin scones.

    I would highly recommend a running group for the half marathon and you CAN totally do it!

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