rocketsteady photoblog

Remember a thousand years ago four months ago when Dexter and I “launched” How to Love an Omnivore? After a whopping two posts, and months of silence, we’ve decided to take that idea off the backburner and put it into the fireplace. In essence, it’s over. We cooked together several times and took pictures, but writing a post together always ended up sounding like a lot more work than it was worth.

This Christmas, Dexter and I gave each other a Canon Rebel T2i and have been enjoying it immensely. It has improved the quality of photos on this site and provided us with hours of entertainment. Since we still wanted to pursue a blogging venture together, we created a photoblog called rocketsteady. It may not make us famous, but we already have more posts scheduled than HTLAO had in its whole life. One photo date provided us with 150 pictures which we whittled down to seven. This week’s assignment was photos containing the color green. See our first one here.


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