The Best Date Ever

Do you ever intend to have a real date on a Friday night, but end up eating frozen pizza and watching a movie because you’re so tired? That’s how a lot of Friday nights go around here. We decided to make last Friday night a serious date night. Not serious as in “let’s talk,” but serious as in serious awesomeness.

Every Friday, I ask my students what their plans for the weekend are because it’s good conversation practice and because I’m a little nosy. There are a few girls in each class who always ask about my weekend plans. They were thrilled when I told them I was going on a date. One asked, “With who?” and “Are you going to wear a dress?”

When I got home from work, I was sure the night was going to go horribly. (Do you ever do that thing where you have time to spend together but you’re not on the same page and you just end up being cranky at each other? Please tell me we’re not the only ones.) I was starving, so I was a little irritable. Dexter seemed a little antsy to get going, but we couldn’t decide on a restaurant. Plus, I wanted to shower and shear my legs (I feel like “shave” doesn’t get the real meaning across…it’s winter) and wash my greasy, limp hair. I had a snack and went upstairs to get ready.

Whenever my hair is wet, I get really cold. And whenever I’m really cold, all I want to do is cuddle up in bed. So, after I showered, I hopped into bed…just to warm up. Dexter loves a good nap, so pretty soon he was in bed, too. We slept till 6:30 and woke up really groggy. We almost just ordered pizza and sat around in pajamas, but I knew I’d be disappointed if we did.

I finished getting ready, wore an outfit complete with kitten heels, and we headed out to the Motley Cow. We went there for the first time during winter break and fell in love with the restaurant. We got there at 7:15, but there was a 30-40 minute wait. We put our names in and headed to a coffee shop next door for some hot cider. The 30 minutes passed quickly, and we were soon seated at the Motley Cow.

We ordered white ale fondue with beet chips and a radish for dipping. We split a different (cold, bubbly) kind of cider. Dexter had squash soup, and I had a salad with some amazing buttermilk cumin dressing that I need to know how to make. My main course was fried polenta with eggplant, ricotta cheese, smoked paprika, and arugula. I discovered that I really like arugula, and it was the best eggplant I’ve ever had, although I wasn’t crazy about the polenta.

For his main course, Dexter had a really interesting pork lasagna. The pork came from Pavelka’s Point in Mount Vernon. Instead of being a baked lasagna, this was a pasta dish that was made with lasagna noodles. There were two lasagna noodles, pork in a delicious sauce, and some sort of celery root puree on the bottom. Brian Regan has a sketch where he says that if he ever went to a charity dinner that cost a thousand dollars a plate, he’d feel compelled to send his food back on principle, saying it wasn’t up to par for a thousand dollar price tag. He goes on to describe how a meal that expensive should make you want to hoot and holler after every bite. Dexter told me that’s the experience he had with his dish, and I believe him. He was looking at it wide-eyed and seemed a little bewildered after each bite. He said it was the best thing he’d ever eaten at a restaurant.

Although our food took a long time to get to the table (apparently a really big party ordered right before we did), we didn’t mind waiting. We had a good time relaxing and talking and didn’t feel rushed.

Then, we went home, built a fire, read, and watched an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation. And no, that’s not a euphemism for anything.

I don’t know what the key was to the date being so good. The nap? The magic of smooth legs? Local food? My best friend? Choosing to have a good attitude? Whatever it was, I want it to happen again next Friday!

We brought our old camera to the restaurant, hoping to get pictures of the food. It apparently developed an inability to use memory cards in its disuse, so we couldn’t take any. Serves me right for wanting to make you settle for 3mp photos when you could have had 18. Oh well. I guess that means we have to go there again so you can see pictures, right? It just goes to show that we should treat ourselves to iPhones when we get out of debt.


3 thoughts on “The Best Date Ever

  1. Do you ever do that thing where you have time to spend together but you’re not on the same page and you just end up being cranky at each other? Please tell me we’re not the only ones………..

    YOUR THE ONLY ONES! HAHA! Just kidding of course. Glad you two had a good night. Was just thinking yesterday or the day before that i dont know where my life would be headed if i had not have met you. And you had not loved me and shown me God’s love. I really appreciate you! Hope your day goes well.

  2. Zac is lying, that happens to us all the time.

    We hadn’t had date night in ages, but I dont think either of us noticed. On christmas eve eve we spontaneously went to Cheesecake factory w/a 1 yr old gift card…that was amazing. Then last Friday we spontaneously had another date night, to pizza luce (aMAZing veggie pizza w/mock sausage, and a spinach/gorgonzola/somethingamazing salad) and to a coffee shop to watch funny youtube videos for hours.

    I suggest having a date night before a big stressful event and one after, that was well timed.

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