Yogurt Fruit Smoothies

 Last week, Dexter had some sort of stomach flu. I was surprised when he felt so awful, because I only remember him being sick one other time since we got married 4.5. years ago. He’s the first person I’ve been responsible for caring for when he’s sick, so I had to do some research about how to deal with his symptoms.

I knew that yogurt has bacteria that is good for digestion, but I learned last week that it’s good for sick people, too. A dietician friend of mine mentioned to me once that although Activia yogurt uses their probiotics as a marketing tool, that any yogurt will aid in digestion. At the health food store, a container of Kefir caught my eye. It claimed to offer similar benefits to yogurt, plus, it was in fruit smoothie form, so I knew Dexter would drink it.

We both liked the Kefir so much that we decided having a very simple fruit smoothie each day sounded like a great breakfast. Unfortunately, the Kefir was $4 a bottle, or $1 per one cup serving. So, that wasn’t going to happen. I often make my own yogurt to eat with bananas and granola, so I decided to make a batch to try for smoothies. Now, yogurt and fruit smoothies aren’t a crazy idea by any means. I often put yogurt in fruit smoothies. This was going to be different for us, though, because I was going to use one kind of frozen fruit, lots of yogurt, and a little agave to sweeten. Plus, they’d be ready to grab-and-go, or at least pour-and-go, whereas before, we’d made our smoothies right before eating them.


 I used one quart of yogurt to make two jars of raspberry smoothies, and one quart to make four 2-cup peach smoothies. I used 1/2 gallon of milk, 1.75 lb frozen fruit, and 2/3 cup agave. My total cost was $7.4o. I ended up with 14 one cup servings, giving me a unit cost of $.53/cup. We actually will drink this as 8 distinct smoothies, so we’ll be paying $.93 for each large serving. I’ve drank these for breakfast the past two days, and they were very filling! They also make a great bedtime snack. We may make them into smaller servings and supplement them with something cheaper, like peanut butter toast or a pumpkin muffin. I’m really excited about having these on hand for rushed mornings because I always feel miserable if I haven’t eaten breakfast.

Although I was pretty happy with the product of my experiment, there are a few things I’d change. After a day in the fridge, my smoothies separated and had a clear liquid on the bottom of the container. It may have been because I didn’t drain any of the whey or because of the blending. A few shakes was all it took to get it back to the right consistency, but it was a little gross when I first saw it. I also made a HUGE mess when I was blending these. I blended the yogurt one quart at a time along with about a pound of peaches and agave–that was way too much. I did two cups of yogurt with six ounces of raspberries and 1/6 a cup of agave the second time around, and it went much more smoothly. To solve the problem of a full blender and separating smoothies, I don’t think I’ll blend the yogurt with the fruit next time. I’ll blend the fruit (and maybe thaw it first) with a little bit of yogurt or milk, and then stir that into the yogurt. Hopefully, that will eliminate both the separation and the mess.

This week I’m linked up at both Alicia’s Homemaking for Try New Adventures Thursday and The Diaper Diaries for Things I Love Thursday!


5 thoughts on “Yogurt Fruit Smoothies

  1. Very cool! So, you are storing these in the fridge?
    I’ve contemplated making smoothies ahead of time and freezing them…thaw before drinking. Life As Mom did a post on that. Only, I’m not sure you could have them for breakfast…not enough time to thaw!

    What was the consistency like?

    You just made me crave a smoothie…
    Thanks for linking up!

  2. I’ve never ventured into making my own yogurt – let alone using it to make smoothies. Impressive! I’ll have to give it a try. You might talk to Ambre about getting some kefir starter… she had some once upon a time.

    • It’s really easy, Sarah–otherwise, I wouldn’t do it. Turn crockpot on, turn crockpot off, dump, stir, wait. You should definitely try it!

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