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Top Ten {Tuesday}
When we were first married, we knew we wouldn’t have a lot of money to go out on the town. When we registered for our wedding, we made sure to ask for lots of games. We don’t play many games on date nights in anymore–often because we’re too tired to make use of our brains after a long day of work. We do pull them out at parties and when we have another couple over. Here are a few of our favorites that have been a hit with our friends.

1. Apples to Apples – Although it’s a relatively new game, it was an instant classic. This is our go-to game.

2. Loaded Questions – I played this for the first time when my aunt brought it to our Christmas celebration. If you buy it, make sure to get the black box. I’ve heard the red one will make you blush.

3. Hoopla – Nobody wins in this game, so there should be no nasty competitiveness. (I’m guessing this game isn’t made anymore–we definitely wouldn’t have paid $80 for it!)

4. Settlers of Catan – This strategy game can take time to learn. I often dislike strategy games because I really like people to know how smart I am, and if I lose a strategy game, they don’t. I like this game though.

5. The Family Dinner Box of Questions – Another aunt introduced us to this game on Christmas. It’s very low key and was a good way to pass the time on Christmas without anyone getting competative or (too) crabby.

6. Sequence – This game works well for a variety of group sizes, and although it’s not really interactive, it’s fun.

7. Taboo – Gotta love that annoying buzzer sound. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of this game. If you’re not quite up to the challenge, you could try Catchphrase.

8. Yahtzee – My aunt (of Loaded Questions renown) LOVES this game. She definitely loves to win, and I think she likes to play, too. She was the inspiration for the Yahtzee games we had on the reception tables at our wedding.

9. Cards – They’re versatile and portable. Usually everyone in the group can find a game they all know, and if not, the rules can be quickly learned.

10. Mad Gab – I’ll be honest. I love this game because I am awesome at it. Wouldn’t you love to play with me?

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5 thoughts on “Games We Love

  1. I really like the game Guess Who cause it teaches children process of elimination and it’s a really fun game. They’ve come out with an animal Guess Who which is absolutely so cool!

  2. Apples to Apples is one of the few games I can actually get my hubby to play, unless we’re playing Euchre. Taboo is “taboo” for me, because I usually end up laughing so hard I pee my pants {yes, I did just say that}. Yahtzee is a personal favorite, but I usually end up playing it solitaire. 🙂

  3. We love games, but don’t play them often at all. We always have to wait till the girls are in bed, and by then we don’t want to ever do it! But, you’ve got a great list {especially Catan}. I’d throw in Clue, just cause it’s an oldie but a goodie.

  4. We LOVE Apples to Apples! And Settlers of Catan is really popular with one of our groups of friends, but I tend to not play it with them since they get so competitive and I’m not really the sort to care that much about a game.

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