Trivial Things I’m Thankful For

Top Ten {Tuesday}
It’s November, the month of thankfulness. I’m thankful for a lot of big, significant, important things. However, I’ve been at a work-related conference for the past few days which has filled my brain with lots of idealistic educational ideas. And unless you’re a reading teacher who’s really bored on a Tuesday night, you don’t want to hear about that. I also voted (which is sort of like deciding which pair of grey socks to wear with your brown shoes and navy pants) and ate a lot of carbs, so  my brain is all over the place. That’s why you’re getting this trivial, all-over-the-place, but hopefully fun top ten list of…

 my current favorite things!

1.  Sweater tights – I can never decide if leggings are work-appropriate, but I’m pretty confident tights are. I just got a pair from Target. They are nice and warm and I didn’t think they were itchy until I got home from work. They’re also a little thicker than panty-hose, so my shoes don’t fall off.

 2. Dexter’s tan cardigan – He bought it last year to wear to work and with his Dr. Who Halloween costume. I wore it once and fell in love. It’s so comfortable and the sleeves aren’t tight like the sleeves on lots of girl cardigans. I can wear it with or without a belt, and I feel like it makes pretty much any shirt I wear look a little more grown up (or boring –in a good way).


3. Library – I’ve been a little reading-crazy lately. I’m in the middle of The Omnivore’s Dilemma and The Other 8 Hours. I’ve checked out a ton of vegan cookbooks since my little sister is temporarily vegan. My current favorite is Vegan on the Cheap. I’m hoping to make two recipes from it this week. I almost bought all three of these books, but so far I’m not out any money because of the library. I’ve even remembered to return things on time so I don’t have any fines!

4. Vinegar – I clean everything with vinegar. Mirrors, counter tops, my floors. Baking soda comes in as a close second as my favorite cleaning product, but vinegar wins because I also love the flavor. Pickles and ketchup are the reason I eat burgers.

5. DVR – I don’t actually have DVR, but I would LOVE to have it. We love watching TV shows on DVD because we get to miss the commercial time and can watch them whenever we want, but if we had DVR, we could watch current seasons with the same convenience. Sigh…maybe someday.

6. Recipes from my friend Sarah – Seriously, this woman has great taste. Two classics I often use are her potato soup and lentil taco recipes. Two new favorites are Cider Baked Butternut Squash Soup and Addictive Sweet Potato Burritos. The potato soup recipe is intended for the crockpot, but I’ve also made the lentil soup and squash soup in the crockpot.


7. Wireless mouse – Last Spring I bought a netbook. It was kind of a rash decision. It came with a TV tuner, and since we had no TV, we were pretty excited at the prospect of watching 30 Rock on 30 Rock night…even if it was on an 8″ screen. As it turns out, the tuner didn’t get any good channels and I really don’t like tiny computers. It’s really not too bad–it just wasn’t ideal for what I use the computer for. (I often have both Quicken and a spreadsheet open at the same time, which gets a little crowded.) I couldn’t type without sweeping the cursor across the screen and typing in the middle of a previous paragraph. Then, Dexter turned off my mouse touch pad and bought me a wireless mouse, and I can usually use my computer without becoming a potty-mouth.


8. Dexter-style music – When Dexter and I first met, I thought his taste in music was a little wussy. I liked the 70s rock my parents introduced me to. I kind of wanted “More than a Feeling” by Boston to be the recessional at my wedding. Dexter wasn’t crazy about that idea. I also like to sing Steely Dan to Dexter just to drive him crazy. (You know I love you bett-a.) I liked low-quality punk music, wasn’t afraid of mosh pits, and wore safety pins for earrings. Now, in my old age, I appreciate Dexter’s mellow indie music tendencies. We still need to work on making it a little less depressing, but we’re on our way to unity in our musical tastes.

9. My new desk chair – My parents bought these for Dexter and I for our birthdays. I got mine the day before parent-teacher conferences, and I was in heaven.

10. Eating out – I’ve eaten catered food at the conference I’ve been at the past two days. Last night, I went out for sushi with my former-coworker-still-friend and tonight we went out for Italian food at a local place. I have ingredients to make some yummy vegan meals, but I really like this whole no-mess-in-the-kitchen thing.

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4 thoughts on “Trivial Things I’m Thankful For

  1. Have you guys ever listened to William Fitzsimmons? Dan introduced us to his music at the beginning of last year and we love it. However, it doesn’t really pulling you away from the whole depressing music thing. Also, while in NYC I was introduced to Deadbeat Darling and thought they had some good sound. I haven’t listened to them much so can’t totally vouch for them.

    I made the squash soup for dinner last night and we forgot to put the leftovers away in the fridge. I’m a little sad as I was really excited about having it for lunch today. :/

  2. Fun! You’re the 2nd person today that’s mentioned cleaning w/vinegar. I need to do that, too. ‘Cuz I DO love the smell–and the taste!

    Also. DVR. MUST HAVE. Have your friends and fam pool their money for your Christmas present. Your life will never be the same. 😉

  3. Once again, you crack me up, girlie girl! I’m responding on my net book which has a touch pad that makes me very crabby on a regular basis. I have a wireless mouse, but don’t always bother to plug it in. And then there’s the Steely Dan comment…! I loathe Steely Dan–at least when they’re singing. Of course, Dave loves them. I get even with zydeco. I like your lists.

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