Starting my 30 Before 30 Project

Top Ten {Tuesday}
I posted my 30 Before 30 list on Sunday. I am excited to get started, but I needed to find somewhere to start. These are the top ten things I hope to accomplish by my next birthday.

  1. Learn to sew and wear something I made in public 
    First, I need to make sure I know how to use our sewing machine. Then, I’ll practice sewing straight lines. Then, I’ll find a simple pattern and…sew something.
  2. Run a 10K 
    I hit a wall in my Couch to 5K training–when I was supposed to transition from the run-8-walk-5-run-8 to the run-twenty-minutes day. That seems like a big jump to me. I’ll either restart the program where I left off or try to add a minute to my run every time. Any suggestions on how to get over my slump?
  3. Do 200 consecutive crunches
    Yesterday, I started the two hundred sit-up challenge with Dexter. We both could do over 40, so we’re starting on Week 3. It should only take us about a month to reach this goal.
  4. Create the perfect veggie burger
    I ate an amazing curried lentil burger at Blanc Burgers and Bottles in Kansas City this summer, which made me believe that a great veggie burger might really be possible. I plan to try to mimic what I had there and see how far I can get. I might need a trip back to KC for a refresher, though!
  5. Read the Bible in 90 days
    My sister and I do an “accountability group” (read: talk about life session) once a week in the morning before work. I asked her if she’d read the Bible in 90 days with me. She said that after she graduates from college this December she’d be game to give it a try. It seems daunting, but I realized that it only requires that I read about 12 pages a day. I read more than 12 pages at a time from other books, so I think it will be more of a time management challenge than a how-much-do-you-love-the-Bible challenge. I think it will cool to see “the whole story” come together in 3 months. In case you’re interested, I’m planning on using this schedule (pdf).
  6. Watch Dexter’s top 7 favorite movies without multitasking
    I think Dexter’s top 7 movies are violent and depressing, but I think that watching them with him will give me some insight into his mind. Most of them have a noble hero fighting for his family or so that others’ families are protected, and I like that, although the movies are a tad blood-and-gutsy, he’s inspired by men like that. Dexter also thinks of watching movies together as a way of spending time together. I think of watching movies as an opportunity to multi-task. I’ve made him feel ignored by cleaning or working on the budget during a movie before, so I think these would give me a chance to spend time with him in a way he appreciates.
  7. Do a blog giveaway
    The item I plan on giving away came in the mail today. I’m waiting a little bit to see if I can make the deal even sweeter. Hopefully, you’ll know much more sometime in November!
  8. Memorize 120 verses (2 verses a month for 5 years)
    I know how I’m going to organize my verses on notecards, but I don’t know where to start. I’m hoping to get a few gospel and basic doctrine verses down at first, but I also want to make sure I’ll have verses to inspire me to press on. I also plan on trying to write down all the verses I think I already know and then make sure I really know them. Any verses on your must-memorize list?
  9. Take a cake decorating class
    I love baking so much that I figured I might as well know how to make my treats look good! I still owe my sister a cake decorating class from Christmas last year (she was too busy with school to take it), so I plan on taking the class with her. Maybe this summer, Keriann?
  10. Take good pictures with a nice camera
    Dexter and I have planned for close to a year to get each other a really nice camera for Christmas this year. He’s a graphic designer, and I’m an aspiring blogger who, although she rarely seems to get around to writing about her recipes, treats her camera like a kitchen utensil. Our last camera had a run-in with some dog teeth so my sister sold us her earlier model. I don’t know if it’s the complete lack of both artificial and natural lighting in our kitchen, our camera, or my photography skills, but I’m just not impressed with our pictures. We’re hoping to get a nice enough camera that we can take senior pictures for free for some of my low-income students. We did it last year for my only senior and it was a really fun experience. We  haven’t started our research on what camera to get, but we’ll take any suggestions you have!

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3 thoughts on “Starting my 30 Before 30 Project

  1. What a great aspiring list! I’m not ready to embrace my next decade to make such a list…and that next decade is getting a little too close too!

    Anyway, on the run…I ran my last 1/2 marathon doing a run/walk and I finished in 2:08. I followed Jeff Galloway’s plan. I would just suggest that you decrease your walking time. Keep your running time the same and decrease the walk breaks.

    I’ve memorized so much more scripture because my kids are and they are using songs. These aren’t super high quality songs, but we have run into much worse. You can check out the Harrow Family online. We are on our third CD from them.

    I can’t wait until you find a great veggie burger!


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