Total Money Makeover Update: October

Things were pretty silent around the blog for a few weeks (until last week). Fortunately, it was the sound of making money. I’ve been working for a little over an hour after school three days a week tutoring my students. Through some grants, a program at my school is able to pay teachers for their time. It’s been tough not to have afterschool time to plan, so I’ve had to learn to make better use of my prep periods and bring things home to work on more often. (Last year, I brought things home all the time but didn’t do them. This year, that’s not a choice.) I was paid for my first 5 weeks of work on Friday, and looking at next our October/November budget, I finally feel like starting off the school year with such a busy schedule was worthwhile. (You know, other than the intrinsic reward of seeing my students succeed.)

This month, I also did better using my envelope system than I ever have before. I think this was in part because I got brave and asked cashiers to split my transactions more often. I also just didn’t have that much time to shop or make lists. No shopping equals no spending. It was also nice to have my grocery budget split into 3 categories: groceries, stock up, and events (like parties). In the past, when I found a really good deal on something, I’d buy a bunch, which would mess up my grocery budget for the rest of the month and I’d end up just using my debit card. We never overdrafted, but it ate into our next month’s income. This way, I’m allocating money specifically for stocking up on good deals. I didn’t increase my budget to do this–I just moved about $10 a week to a seperate envelope.

I’d like to start tracking my grocery spending on the blog. I think this will help me not to make impulse purchases because I’ll have to tell you all. I’d also like to see if it really is possible to eat an semi-organic, cruelty-free diet on a reasonable budget. Hopefully, this will go better than my failed CSA blogging series. I sort of feel like I need a catchy phrase for this series of posts. Any suggestions?

Here’s the long and short of it. This month, we paid of 0.9% of our debt and have 82.2% to go.

It’s not as much as I’d like, but I’m thankful for our extra income this month. We’re going to be able to spend money on gifts, some clothes, and ways to encourage each other and still have more cash leftover than usual to put toward Debt #3. I’m excited about reporting a higher percent paid off next month.


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