Total Money Makeover Update: July

After last month’s update, I was so excited to pay bills and post again for July. I got all my paychecks for the summer and wanted to see some progress on our debt! I also got paid for my summer job and ran right to the bank to make an extra loan payment once I knew how much it would be. The most exciting thing was going from 5 digits to 4 digits on the loan we’re current paying off.

This month, we paid off 4.1% of our total debt and are down to 85% remaining to be paid off.

I’ve been a little nervous about hitting 82% by the end of summer like I was sure we’d be able to do last time I posted about our progress. It seems even more impossible that we’ll reach 79.9% by the end of the summer like I (irrationally, but optimistically) hoped. However, I’ve been working a few hours here and there at Capanna, I hope to be able to sell some of our junk as I organize our house, and Dexter’s been wisely spending his extra time doing some (free but portfolio-building) graphic design projects for some non-profits. We hope he’ll find some time to advertise and get some paying gigs as well. I have confidence God will provide the income we need to get out of debt at the rate He has in mind!


2 thoughts on “Total Money Makeover Update: July

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