CSA! Week 4: Waste Not, Want Not

Last week, I wanted to make sure I put all my CSA veggies to good use. I started on Wednesday night as soon as we got home.

First, I got some batter ready using a whole grain pancake mix I made with a recipe from this awesome cookbook. You add oil to the dry ingredients and store the mix in the freezer. At first I thought this was a little weird, but it really works well for me because I have a ton of freezer space and not much pantry space. The pancakes didn’t use any CSA veggies (although I think it would be simple to throw in some pureed something or another), but I did throw blueberries in a few pancakes and top them with sliced organic strawberries. I didn’t even need syrup.

I sautéed the onions and broccoli from our share, added some garlic, and stirred in some ribbons of basil before taking it off the heat.

The sauteed veggies made a great omelette filling along with some colby jack cheese. I made two really pretty omelets, and one really ugly one. None of my finished omelette pictures came out, though. I need to get out the tripod and get some better lighting in my kitchen before my photographs get any better.

I supervised as the omelets and pancakes cooked away. I had the oven set to warm and popped in the omelets and pancakes as soon as they were finished. This was a fairly simple meal to make, although I am the worst food flipper in the world.

All we had leftover were some pollock-style berry-painted dishes.

Later in the week we had stir-fry. No pictures of that, because I think I have 8 zillion pictures of stir-fry on this site. Like here or here. I guess two is not that close to 8 zillion. But you know what it looks like. However, I did learn that kohlrabi stems really aren’t very good. I was just hopeful.

I also used my plethora of kale to make a delicious snack during the holiday weekend. More on that soon!


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