CSA! Week 4

CSA Week 4 arrived on Wednesday. I hadn’t received an email from Susan, the owner and main grower, so I didn’t know what to expect. I remembered to bring my big canvas grocery bags, so the veggies didn’t seem to take up too much space. When I got home, I weighed them and the veggies came in at 3 lb 11 oz! Our most bountiful week yet! This week, it’s as if I paid $3.39/lb, and over all it’s as if I’ve paid $3.95/lb for all the food I’ve received in the past 4 weeks. This week, we’re eating kohlrabi, tiny onions, broccoli, kale, basil, onion chives, and squash.

Since my CSA-sharing friend works across the street from the farmer’s market, she generally picks up and divides our share. I’ve taken on the pick-up responsibility for the past few weeks and have enjoyed it. This week, I didn’t take any collard greens or oregano because I knew I wanted extra basil and kale. I’ve almost used up this week’s share already because I planned how to use everything early on.


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