CSA! Week 2

I was hoping for an increase in the size of my share this week to make me feel like I was surely going to get my money’s worth this CSA season. Unfortunately, frequent hard rain and wind were tough on the crops this week and I came home with slightly less than I did last week–3 lbs 6 oz. This week, it’s as if I paid $3.70/lb, an increase of $0.25/lb from last week*. 

So far this summer, I’ve gotten 7 lbs of veggies and paid approximately$3.58/lb.


Here are my poorly lit veggies. (I weighed these and photographed them after my second run in two days, breaking a 4+ week hiatus…I’m just amazed I held the camera still.) We came home with a lot of the same, and a few new things. Things that are the same: kale, red kale, beet greens, lettuce, green onions, savory, garlic greens, broccoli,  Things that are different: a new kind of kale (dark green with oval leaves), collard greens, broccoli rabe, kohl rabi, sage, anise leaf, and snow peas. (Sorry, A. I think the snow pease got lost in the bottom of a bag…you can have them all next week.)

Other than salads and green smoothies, I  have no idea what I’ll make out of these. I’ll leave that for tomorrows mid-test-scoring daydreams. I expect it will come up between tests 120 and 140. I scored about 185 today. (Let me tell you–this job had better get me some headway in our Total Money Makeover!) However, the single beet is making me dream of the beet salad at the pizza place next to where my husband works. It has walnuts, gorgonzola cheese (which surprisingly doesn’t gross me out in small quantities), purple cabbage, lettuce, and raspberry vinaigrette. Well, I guess I have some direction for my daydreams now.

*Note: I redid my math from last week and discovered I was wrong.


3 thoughts on “CSA! Week 2

  1. I have a receipe for cooked kale and everytime I make it and take it to work everyone says what are you eating it smells good. And it is good. Let me know if you want it.

  2. Kels, is the beet in beet salad cooked or raw.
    I got a basket of small beets at the farmers’ market yesterday and came home and cooked the whole bunch. They are delicious!

    • I cooked my beet in the microwave. It made a huge, bloody-looking mess, so I think I’ll do it on the stove next time. I was surprised to realize how much I like beets!

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