Total Money Makeover Update: June

It hardly seems worth it to update this month. We made a fairly normal extra payment on our mini-mortgage (Debt #3) but didn’t see a huge drop in percent. We paid off 1% of our mortgage and now have 89.1% to go. It’s a good thing we dropped from the 90s to the 80s or I might have been discouraged.

I had a lot of trouble with our cash envelope system this month. My students often ask me change for the vending machines, so I’d take ones out of different envelopes and decide to “remember” to rearrange it later on. Somehow, it got out of control and I had a wallet full of empty envelopes and a pile of cash and receipts. Somehow, we came out under budget. My goal for the summer is to get used to using cash and sticking to my plan.

Although this month wasn’t what I’d hoped (nor was last month) I am REALLY excited to pay the bills this summer! I’ll be getting my summer paychecks for my “real job” all at once, some checks will hopefully come for some extra “real job” hours, and I have a part-time job for four weeks. We should definitely be down to 82% by the end of the summer, but wouldn’t it be exciting to break into the 70s?


6 thoughts on “Total Money Makeover Update: June

  1. I love the way you are taking data on your progress! I’ve learned that in my job AND in my personal life, breaking a big goal into smaller, more easily recognizable steps is way more rewarding!

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