CSA: Week 1 in Review

I think Week 1 was a success, despite the fact that we ordered Papa John’s on day two and I counted frozen pizza and cookies as sides tonight. We followed my initial plan for the week fairly closely.

We used the lettuce for salads served alongside a baked potato and Amy’s Organic Pasta & 3 Bean Soup. Tonight, we had stir fry to use our broccoli, snap peas, and bok choy. I also threw in some carrots and zucchini we had in the fridge. I made the “sauce” by mixing equal parts soy sauce and apple juice and throwing in a few shakes of red wine vinegar followed by a few more shakes of some vinegar we got from our Chinese friends’ pantry before they left the country. I always struggle with what kind of sauce to add to my “Chinese food.” I think I’m finally satisfied with little more than soy sauce now that my definition of ideal Chinese food is not HyVee sesame chicken.

I used the red kale in a green smoothie–I put yogurt and applesauce in my green smoothies, and this time I didn’t have enough frozen fruit to add sweetness and non-leafy flavor (it was in the basement guarded by a sleeping housemate), so I plopped in a tablespoon or two of grape juice from concentrate. Surprisingly, it was one of the best green smoothies I’ve made yet! I still have regular kale and beet greens that will probably go in smoothies tomorrow morning.

I let some of my herbs go to waste this week. I put them in a glass with water in the bottom thinking that would help them stay vibrant…but I was wrong. I need to read up on my herb storage and preservation. I did manage to use the oregano (originally known as the mystery herb) in some garlic bread which I served alongside my favorite meal of the week. The meal had nothing to do with the CSA, but it was a great use of leftovers. I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow! (Oh, promises…)


3 thoughts on “CSA: Week 1 in Review

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