CSA + Irony = My Kitchen

This doesn’t really look like the kitchen of someone who got a beautiful share of healthy, organic food from a CSA, does it?

But it is. The sad thing is that I didn’t even cook today, yet I have a pile of dirty dishes.

When I was telling my sister about how silly I thought it was to order pizza in light of our other, better options, she said, “Well, Papa John’s is kind of it’s own sort of CSA…”

She’s funny.

Tomorrow I only work a half day, so no more excuses. The great thing is–instead of being scorned as “the lazy wife” for this copout, I’m the pizza-ordering hero!


3 thoughts on “CSA + Irony = My Kitchen

    • I almost made a salad, but I was the only one who wanted it. I didn’t want to wash it and dry it all for myself and then let the edges turn brown. Next time I’ll make the executive decision to make the salad anyway and then everyone will feel obligated to eat it!

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