CSA! Week 1

Summer fun has begun! School is out, I am doing professional development till Friday, I start a job scoring standardized tests on Monday, and then I get a wisdom tooth out. I’m trying to think of summer starting on July 17, when all of those bits of summer fun are over. Thankfully, one really fun part of summer started today: my CSA!

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. What that really means is that in March, I gave some money to a farmer, and for 17 weeks (starting today) I’ll get some vegetables from the farm. We’re splitting a share of the crops with another couple, which means that for $212.50 ($12.50/week) I’ll get an unknown amount of a variety of organic vegetables. Because of the mild, cool, rainy weather last summer, our CSA had a disappointing crop. The first weeks last year were pretty meager, and we didn’t get a lot of tomatoes, sugar snap peas, or peppers during the summer.  I had trouble using up all the vegetables as it was (although it helped when I figured out what some of them were), but I’m hoping for an even bigger crop this year now that I have learned how to use up all the veggies.

I didn’t keep track of how much produce I got from the CSA last year, so I don’t know how good a deal the produce was. I plan to keep track of it better this year, and post it on the blog to help me do that. I hope to find some creative ways to use up some interesting vegetables and share those recipes with you. I’d love to hear your summer vegetable tips and recipes as well!

Today, I got 3 lbs 10 oz of vegetables (putting me at $3.45/lb…not a great deal). Here’s my spread.

From left to right: green onions, rhubarb, beet greens, red kale, broccoli, kale, snap peas, bok choy, lettuce, dill, savory, oregano, and garlic chives.

I’ll probably throw the beet greens in with the lettuce for salads. Bok choy, green onions, and broccoli will go in a stir fry with carrots, eggplant, and zucchini I have in the fridge. Rhubarb will make a delicious dessert–I have a rhubarb plant that popped up next to our air conditioner to round out the recipe.

What I’m really stuck on are the herbs. Any suggestions?


9 thoughts on “CSA! Week 1

  1. The peas are sugar snap. The rounded herbs are oregano. The chives are actually garlic greens (the things that look like grass). I love them. You can always chop up the herbs and freeze them in ice cubes until you know what to do with them.

    ALSO totally forgot that they gave us a basil plant and a tomato plant. Which one do you want? Email me, I usually forget to check back on blog comments.

  2. Oh, I forgot there is savory as well. I hope! I forgot about the savory when I was dividing everything, and it kind of looks like rosemary…

    • You did give me savory…I didn’t think it smelled like rosemary, but I’m not very herb smart. I’ll make all my corrections. Thanks for filling me in!

  3. If you get excessive amounts of herbs, you can either freeze them or dry them. Dill and green beans are a good combo, or maybe some sort of cucumber salad with dill in it (like maybe yoghurt based?? I’ve already had dill in my lettuce mix, and it gives the salad a nice zip of flavour.

    Rosemary… hmmm maybe in lentil soup, because that sort of has a hearty element to it? Or you could go for the basic rosemary potatoes with olive oil. Focaccia? (I personally would go frozen pizza dough, because I am lazy like that, lol).

    Chives… Baked/fried potatoes? I’m not sure; I’m not a big chive eater. Any clue what your mystery herb is?

    Just thinking out loud. Hope this helps!

    • Thanks for your suggestions! I’m hoping to research and try out some herb freezing drying this summer. And apparently, my rosemary is actually savory…which I know even less about!

  4. Your share looks delicious. I love that type of Kale. I’ve found that beet greens, kale, and bok choi all work really well in green smoothies. Good luck with the wisdom tooth.

    • I love green smoothies! That’s a great idea. I don’t know that I do them the “right” way, but I figure some greens in any kind of smoothie are better than no greens. Thanks for stopping by!

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