How to be Married to a Millionaire

In May, we finished Financial Peace University. In one of the last lessons, Dave Ramsey mentions that “the average millionaire” reads about one non-fiction book per month. Although there is no real cause-and-effect relationship between non-fiction bookreading and becoming a millionaire, a correlation is good enough to give me hope. Plus, if doing something I want to do anyway will help me be financially stable, then I am going to do that thing.

Dexter and I both love reading.

I grew up on The Babysitter’s Club and The Boxcar Children. I skipped over all the shelves marked “young adult fiction” because I didn’t want to read about falling in love, getting cancer, and crying. I read Pride & Prejudice when I was 12, and Crime & Punishment when I was 14. I’m not trying to toot my own horn–I just happened to love reading and not have any friends during those years. There’s also a reason I had to read Pride & Prejudice again (and again and again…I guess those times were just for fun) and a reason I own Crime & Punishment and intend to read it again (someday).

Dexter grew up with the conundrum that many boys face–not enough good books during junior high. There just aren’t enough books that can compete with the storylines and action that boys can find in video games. I don’t think he realized how much he loved to read until college, when his love of a good story matured into a love of a good story and/or book.

During college, I fell off the fiction reading wagon. Now, although I enjoy the occasional fiction book, I am drawn much more often to non-fiction. I was excited when Dexter made the goal of starting to read one non-fiction book per month. I did that obnoxious wife thing where I got really excited about his idea and weasled my way into it. I think he’s okay with it now.

Dexter started blogging about his idea and plans to continue blogging about each book we read. You can read this thoughts here.


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