ONE Dinner for Haiti

Woodly and his dad

You might remember hearing about my Haitian student, Woodly, in this bummer post in January. Praise God, he found out after about three days that his mother, brothers, grandmother, and cousins had survived the earthquake. However, their lives were deeply affected.

I co-teach a science class for ELL students with a real science teacher. She has had Woodly as a student for two years and, after the earthquake, was moved to show the love of Christ to Woodly’s family and his community in a very practical way. She has worked for the past few months to create a non-profit organization called One Nation Education (O.N.E.). O.N.E. has an immediate goal of building a home for Woodly’s grandmother and cousins and providing his community with a safe source of water. O.N.E.’s vision for the future is to build a school in Woodly’s community.

On Friday, June 11, O.N.E. is hosting its first fundraising event. There will be a dinner, silent auction, raffle, and entertainment. Woodly is planning to give a speech (which is very exciting for his ELL teacher!). Tickets to the event are $15/person.

If you’re interested in attending the event, I can sell you a ticket. Or, go to for information on the organization and how to order your own tickets.


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