Total Money Makeover Update: May (Plodding Along)

After a month of kicking debt’s butt, this month was a little discouraging. After buying new running shoes and setting money aside to take the dogs for their annual vet visit, we expected to pay $4 extra on Debt #3.  And we paid it.

When I finished up at the end of the month, we miraculously ended up with a lot of unspent money. I double and triple checked to make sure it wasn’t there because we forgot to pay some important bill. But no, we had just underspent. I whipped out my checkbook as fast as I could, wrote a check, and popped it in the mail. Because extra money has a habit of spending itself.

At the end of the month, we paid off 2% of our debt and have 90.1% remaining. We’re thankful for the blessing of extra money and hopeful that next month will be even better!


One thought on “Total Money Makeover Update: May (Plodding Along)

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