Runners at your mark

I was the girl in gym class who walked the annual mile run in 20 minutes while talking to her friends. It was just too embarrassing to put forth the effort. I still would have been the last one to finish, so it was best to look like I wasn’t trying.

I never really got over that lack of athleticism, but I was lucky to be thin anyway. But after I got married, and Dexter and I found out that we shared the hobby of junk food eating, there started to be some definite visual effects of my lethargic lifestyle.

Last summer, my friend Wendy organized a 5K for the women (and maybe men) in our church who wanted a goal to help them get in shape. I trained for it for a while, but then started my new job and worked late instead of running. However, I realized last fall that maybe, just maybe, I could actually be a runner someday. I used an “interval running” podcast to train and noticed that although I was running a bit more each time, my recovery time was a little shorter each time. I don’t think I even go through half of the training, but it definitely boosted my confidence.

The early nice weather this year put me in the mood to be outside and to exercise. We started taking the dogs on walks more frequently, and eventually, I convinced Dexter that we should drop the dogs off at home, and continue on a short run/walk by ourselves. Dexter had the same “this is impossible” attitude that I had about running before I started training last fall. He was a good sport, and eventually began to see our progress and get a little excited.

 I bought the shoes above about 5 years ago for $25 at Kohl’s. I hated wearing them for anything other than running, because I thought they looked like “mom shoes.” I don’t know where I get that stereotype, because my mom’s shoes are usually pretty stylish. But, these just looked dorky with jeans. After 3 weeks of running 2-3 times a week, I was pretty convinced that the “running snobs” who tell you that fancy, fitted running shoes are a necessity were actually right. Dave Ramsey says, “If you want to be rich, do rich people stuff. If you want to be skinny, do skinny people stuff.” So, since I want to be a runner, I should probably do what runners do.

So, basically, Dave Ramsey told me it was okay to buy these beautiful, comfortable, walking-on-air, expensive running shoes. Okay, maybe not. But, they were probably cheaper than a gym membership or treadmill, and we did buy them “Dave’s way.” We worked the shoes into the budget at the beginning of the month. I also emailed ahead of time, asked what I should expect to spend, explained that I was on a budget, and mentioned that my coworker had referred me to the store we went to. (If you want to know where, email me!)  The owner emailed me back, gave me an estimate, and also told me I’d get 10% off because of the word-of-mouth that got me to their store. We went last night, had great service, and came away with some really comfortable shoes.

We tried them out this afternoon. We took the dogs on a 1.3 mile walk, dropped them off at home, and started off on our own. We ended up going about 1.5 miles, jogging about half. I have a feeling if we were running in a more level area, we’d go a bit farther, but the hills around our house are probably good for me! Getting used to the shoes was kind of like driving someone else’s car–you never know exactly how slow or fast it will speed up or brake. I ended up lacing them a little higher so my ankles weren’t so free to move around, and I felt a lot more confident. I’m excited to break them in a little more!


10 thoughts on “Runners at your mark

  1. Glad you got new running shoes! That’s gonna be my gift to myself after I finish the half. I always want new running shoes but felt that for once in my life I need to “earn” them.

    Also, once things slow down (literally) for me next week, I’d love to go running with you some time!

      • No worries! I’m actually pretty slow – especially on longer runs. And I’m totally up for walk/runs. Kinda like them, actually. 🙂

  2. Trent and I went to this fancy running shoe store last year, thinking that if we bought nice running shoes we would run. The store clerk told use to get new running shoes after 500 miles. Trent’s on his second pair, I figure mine are still good for about 5 more years. I hate running. Running is my least attractive quality. You would think that a tall thin person would look nice running. Nope…

    • I bought a gym membership through UI once thinking, “If I paid for it, I’ll feel like I have to use it.” That didn’t work either. I didn’t decide to spring for these until we had actually run for a few weeks straight, and until I thought Dexter was committed too (so he can give me a pep talk and make me go)! I’m sure your running is delightful, although maybe you can give me a demonstration sometime!

  3. Congrats! Running shoes are a wonderful thing and something that I definitely budget for! I was given permission to run a mile on Wednesday…walk/run a mile but nonetheless it’s sans a big black boot thing!

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