Back in the Saddle/Kitchen

Last week I was on Spring Break. Read on before letting the jealousy set in–I actually worked about 40 hours over 7 of the 9 days I had break. We are grateful for the extra money we can put toward our Debt Snowball this month, but I am also grateful that I have a regular job that involves more sitting than my work as a barista involved. Originally, I had planned to make lasagna and some other fairly hands-on, fun dishes for dinner the week of Spring Break because I’d have so much extra time. That didn’t happen.

I came home every day at 2:00 completely exhausted. I was mentally wide-awake, but my body was finished. We decided that since I was bringing in extra money, it would be okay to transfer a little more money into the eating out fund. (We discussed it and changed it on paper like Dave Ramsey told us to.) We ate out for dinner twice and ate frozen pizza pretty much the rest of the time. Dexter also made his new specialty–soy hot dogs in the microwave! I felt like a pretty crummy wife. I had been thinking about loading up the freezer with homemade, whole-wheat-crust, cruelty-free cheese frozen pizzas late in the week, but by Saturday, the thought of pizza made me nauseated. I’m still getting over it.

Monday, I went back to school. I sat down all through my first prep period, and I loved it. I decided it was time to incorporate some variety (and some vegetables) back into our diet.

For dinner, I used fresh broccoli, carrots, and zucchini, along with frozen edamame and snap peas to make a stir fry.

I didn’t want to shock our systems with too much nutritional goodness all at once, so although I did serve the stir fry over brown rice, I also made some homemade eggrolls I had in the freezer.

After burning or undercooking a lot of homemade eggrolls, I decided that I couldn’t estimate my way through the process any longer. Now, whenever I make them, I hook up my meat thermometer, string it through a binder clip, and wait for the oil to reach 360*F. I cook the eggrolls at medium heat for 2 minutes on each side and they come out perfectly!

I also cleaned up our main floor and played “soccer mom” to one of my students Monday night, so I think it was a big step up from our frozen pizza nightmare week! It was a fairly budget friendly meal, as well. I had the eggrolls, edamame, and snap peas in the freezer, the brown rice, soy sauce, and other sauce elements in the pantry, and carrots in the fridge. I bought the zucchini for my never-made lasagna for last week, so the only thing I had to buy this week was the broccoli.


3 thoughts on “Back in the Saddle/Kitchen

  1. Isn’t the thermometer wonderful! I used it constantly for a huge variety of things. Mostly I use it to tell when my bread is done – never under cooked or burnt bread!

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