Mushroom Mania

On my last weekly trip to the grocery store, I wanted mushrooms to put in lasagna. (I chop up or grate veggies to use instead of meat in our lasagna.) None of the mushrooms were on sale, so I reluctantly threw the cheapest ones into the cart. As I was walking out of the produce section at Fareway, I glanced at the discount shelf and saw that it was full of mushrooms. Dexter loves mushrooms. I think mushrooms are okay in small portions if they’re in small pieces. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with 44 oz. of mushrooms, but they were such a good deal that I decided to figure something out. So, instead of 8 oz. of mushrooms for $1.69, I came home with this stockpile for $2.98!


Okay, so I actually didn’t purchase an open package of mushrooms in IKEA Pruta. Half that package went onto a frozen pizza as soon as I got home. The other half will go on lasagna tomorrow. I waited a few days, letting my sell-them-for-cheap-’cause-they’re-old mushrooms get even older. Finally, Monday after work, I looked around online for ideas on how to freeze them. I really thought the internet was just going to say, “Are you kidding me? Why would you freeze mushrooms?” But, intead, it offered these directions from I don’t usually use whole mushrooms, and didn’t want to deal with trying to cut up frozen mushrooms, and boiling mushrooms just seemed like a bad idea, so I went with the bottom set of directions.

First, I pulled off the stems and wiped off my whole mushrooms.

Then, I melted some butter and tossed in my pre-washed and cut baby bellas.

I used my Mushroom Xpress (basically an egg slicer, only much more vicious–believe me, I tested out the blade with my fingers a few weeks ago) to slice the mushroom caps right into my pan.

After the mushrooms had cooked (about 5 minutes after I was done adding everything), I let them cool on the stove top for a while. Then I packaged them into four snack-sized zip-top bags.

To keep them free of freezer burn, I put the four snack-sized bags of mushrooms into a quart-sized freezer bag, labeled, dated, and froze. I plan on using these in eggs for our weekly breakfast for dinner meals.


4 thoughts on “Mushroom Mania

  1. isn’t the freezer awesome! 🙂 way to be creative! i pack my stuff in the freezer in smaller packages as well and then put them in larger freezer bags. keeps everything simple.

  2. Impressive! I’m not the world’s biggest fan of mushrooms, but I’m learning to be. If you’ve got any great mushroom recipes you wanna send my way, I’d be all up for it!

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