March Meals

I’m late, but I just completed my meal plan for March. I’ve learned a few things from monthly meal planning in the last few months. First, I need to be aware of what’s in my freezer so it gets used up fast enough. Second, my meal plan is definitely going to change. The pork chop on my menu this month? That’s from last month’s menu. I will flip what we’re having on different days, skip things and just eat leftovers, we’ll go on a date and eat out, or we’ll make frozen pizza. But I’m okay with that. As long as I have things planned ahead like this, it works fine to switch things up a little.

Before I went shopping tonight, I thought I had $50 dollars left in my budget to get me through my shopping tonight (which I normally would have done on Saturday) and my shopping trip this Saturday. But I had $41. I spent this weeks budget stocking up on some good deals at Fareway, so I toned down the menu to split the difference. Tonight, I bought a few sale items at New Pi that I probably should have waited on…so, hopefully my grocery list will be short enough next week. Like $11 short. (What will really happen? Our toiletries budget will become grocery budget, because I don’t think we’ll have any toiletries to spend it on. We make switches like that a lot too, but it works for us.)

Although our budget runs from the 15th through the 15th of each month (starting this month), I’m trying to keep our monthly meal plans on the calendar month. We’ll see how that goes. I think it will be helpful, because it will spread out the meal planning and monthly budget prep work. I’ll also be planning meals for the last two weeks of the fiscal month right before they occur, so I’ll be sure to economize if I need to. I feel a little bored by the plan for the month. I don’t know if it’s because I am stressed about work and just having a negative outlook, or if it really is boring. Luckily, I married the man who ate poptarts, spaghetti, and broccoli every day while he lived alone, so whatever I make will be variety to him!

8 – Leftover Pasta & Broccoli Bianco (what a pleasure), salad
9 – Pizza and salad
10 – Pancakes, eggs with leftover pizza toppings, tater tots
11 – Butternut squash soup (on sale this month at New Pi), peas, rolls
12 – Pork chop (and something for me), mashed potatoes, corn

Spring Break!
15 – Crockpot Chili, cornbread (freezer), green beans
16 – Lasagna, salad
17 – Huevos Rancheros (Smitten Kitchen style)
18 – Stir fry, brown rice, egg rolls (freezer)
19 – Burgers, fries, baked beans

22 – Minestrone (freezer), salad, rolls
23 – Lemon Orzo with Mushrooms and Pine Nuts (trying something new!),
24 – French toast, fruit
25 – Lentil Tacos, corn
26 – Pizza, salad

1 – Falafel, wild rice pilaf with mushrooms and pecans
2 – Penne with pumpkin cream sauce
3 – Cream of mushroom soup, bread, salad
4 – Muffins, eggs
5 – Pizza, salad

Maybe I’ll do a better job this month of tracking what we eat to see how close we come to keeping our plan.


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