The (Budget-Friendly) Secret to a Good Saturday Morning

I did not marry a morning person. I married Morning’s arch-enemy. Dexter is usually a funny, laid-back, super friendly guy. But after we got married, I found out that that Dexter doesn’t show up for a few hours after he first wakes up. Maybe he would go away faster if we got one of these or one of these  in the mail every Saturdy morning, but our Total Money Makeover budget doesn’t really allow for that.

This recipe for monkey bread, combined with coffee, is my anecdote for Morning Dexter. (You should definitely click the link because her pictures are amazing, and you won’t be getting any photos from me anytime soon. While you’re there, you should also check out her recipe for blueberry crumb bars. They were my first Smitten Kitchen experience, and they may change your life.)

Two Saturday nights ago, I suggested to Dexter that we make something fun for breakfast on Sunday morning. I found the recipe for monkey bread, and said, “If you want monkey bread, I could make that, but we’ll have to stay up for three more hours.” Usually, staying up late is a no-go at our house, mostly because we’re so accustomed to going to bed at the responsible, grown-up time of 10:00, that doing things at night time seems like something young, crazy people do. (Keriann told me she wanted to go grocery shopping at 8:00 last weekend, and I almost told her no, thinking, “What respectable establishment will be open at that time of night!” Apparently: Fareway. And everywhere else. Because that’s not late. We just need to get out more.)

Monkey bread received the seal of approval, and away I went! I split the recipe into two small bundt pans (that came as a set so I can make a pumpkin-shaped cake if I want to…it was on clearance after Halloween and I couln’t resist. But see how handy it is!), froze one batch, and kept one in the fridge overnight. I set my alarm for 7:30, pre-heated the oven and set the dough out to lose its chill. At 8:00, I popped the pan in the oven. At 8:35, we had monkey bread. And it was good. I didn’t have any cream cheese, nor did I get some for the next week, so I didn’t make the cream cheese glaze. I think tonight I’ll run and get some, because Dexter couldn’t think of any weekend breakfast he could possibly want more than monkey bread, and I want the full experience.

The real test came just after the last bite of monkey bread was eaten. Dexter’s phone rang. They needed something at work. After a brief sigh, he cheerfully went into work, fixed problems, and added some coffee to his system. The day was not ruined, and Morning Dexter did not make the employee that called sad. That’s what I call success!

*Warning: Even if you split the recipe like I did, one mini bundt is still too much for two people. However, we ate it all gone like it was a competition both Sundays. Plan accordingly.

**UPDATE (3/6/10 9:17 AM): I didn’t think it was possible, but the monkey bread was better this time! I forgot to warm my oven until right before the six minutes of kneading in the stand-mixer. I was afraid the oven would bake my dough instead of helping it rise, but it rose, and the dryness made the cutting-rolling-dipping-coating-assembling process SO much easier. I will definitely do it that way again. I also used 1T of yeast instead of 2.25t because I don’t like taking 3 whole scoops out of my yeast jar. I don’t know if it was because of the yeast, or maybe if last time I deflated my dough after it rose in the pan, but the dough rose a little in the fridge over night and filled up the pan much better in the oven. The cream cheese frosting was divine. However, we only baked half the monkey bread, but I forgot and made the whole recipe of glaze. As I was spooning it over the monkey bread, I thought, “Man, this sure is a lot of glaze.” But I didn’t realize why until it was all sliding down the sides of the bread. If you’re strategic, however, you can get the excess glaze to slide into the hole in the center of the monkey bread, and then eat strategically so you have a little pool to dip your less covered pieces in.


4 thoughts on “The (Budget-Friendly) Secret to a Good Saturday Morning

  1. I’ve heard about Morning Dexter, so nice to see there’s an antidote 🙂
    Also, I agree with Leah- I like reading your blog!

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