It’s all about perspective

Since I don’t have a good “system” for cleaning my house, I’ve been writing a few “to-dos” in my planner so things get done. Checking things off a list is a huge motivator for me!

Yesterday on my list, I had getting rid of the clutter on the main floor of our house, finishing cleaning the kitchen (I’ve been getting it half done every day for the last several days, which does not feel very rewarding!), doing a load of laundry, and sweeping and mopping the main floor. I knew that even though it was four things, I would wuss out and not want to do them. So I was prepared. I’d read my “sluggard” verses in Proverbs. I told myself how even though I wouldn’t want to do these things when I got home from work, that I’d be so happy to have them done. I had DECIDED to make the responsible, grown-up choice, and was prepared to mentally chastise myself if I didn’t comply.

Then, I got a terrible headache mid-morning. One of those can’t-take-enough-ibuprofin-caffeine-hormone-get-that-light-out-of-my-eyes headaches that just doesn’t go away. I left work 10 minutes early and wondered if I might legitimately be getting sick. One of my students told me she had a flu blow-out at the laundromat yesterday, and I haven’t had a fever since August, so I’m due. (Although I wouldn’t know if I had one because we left the thermometer out last week and someone snatched it off the nightstand and chewed on it.)

I dropped my domestic plans for the night. Lucky for me, Dexter hates to clean more than I do, so eating Oreos and watching Star Trek with him are his preferred wifely duties for me. I happily obliged him. Then, Dexter finished loading the dishwasher and started it running. While I laid on the couch. He’s a good man. He also realized that we like using plates when we eat and cups when we drink, and since we didn’t have any of those things clean, something needed to be done. Then we napped on the couch, popped a gross convenient freezer-prepped meal  into the oven, interneted, ate, and watched a Financial Peace University lesson.

Then, I said to myself, “Maybe I should just throw in a load of laundry.” So I did. Dexter was making popcorn for our next episode of Star Trek, so I went around the first floor and picked things up. And it wasn’t as bad as I thought. Then, before bed, I told Dexter about my original plans for the evening, which inspired him to pick up his main floor junk. So even though we didn’t make a lot of cleaning headway, we didn’t fall too far behind!

I don’t like feeling crummy, but I do love  feeling like a trooper when I’ve given myself the freedom to do nothing without feeling guilty about it and I decide to get a couple of things done!


One thought on “It’s all about perspective

  1. You narrowly escaped an Ambien driven ramble …. and don’t worry, I won’t be buying anymore diet supplements or snuggies. I’ll just talk to you soon when I’m well rested.

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