A bad week for technology

Last Monday, Dexter and I drove one of my students home after school because he had missed the bus. As we were pulling out of his neighborhood, Dexter began our how-was-your-day conversation with, “I have something to tell you.”


The story unfolded, and Dexter eventually revealed that our dear, sweet puppies had used our Canon Powershot as a chew toy that afternoon. It didn’t come as much of a surprise, since they’ve also chewed on a cedar chest, a piano bench, an area rug, an arm chair, the window trim, several pairs of shoes, hand embroidered kitchen towels, a railing post, and the carpet on our stairs. But Dexter still felt bad about bearing the bad news.

He felt so bad that he made sure I was okay before going on to tell me about his personal technological tragedy. He had saved his birthday and Christmas money, pondered what type of technolgy to purchase, and finally decided on an iPod touch. It seemed like the perfect convenience for him, and it made him feel like he was on Star Trek. Alas, the iPod touch jumped out of his hand and landed with a splat, face down on the parking lot concrete, causing a huge crack with little crack tributaries that spread over the bottom, right corner of the screen.

We were both surprisingly calm about the losses. I had dropped our camera at our failed attempt at a garden two summers ago and thought it was a goner then. I was appreciative of the year and a half extra it survived. The iPod situation was a little harder to swallow. It does still work, but the cracks keep growing, and the screen will need to be replaced. We’ll need to decide whether to fix it ourselves, to have Apple fix it (for the price of a new one), or have someone else fix it for an in between price.

This afternoon, I was setting my laptop down beside me and heard something that sounded like tiny pieces of plastic falling inside a rain stick. That sound emanated from within my laptop. It still works, but I’ll definitely be backing up our files this evening!

As we’re getting our Total Money Makeover in gear, it’s a little disappointing to lose expensive things or have them on the verge of breaking. It’s a good reminder that things are just things, and that God loves us and will use us whether or not we have an iPod touch or chew marks on our carpet. It’s also strangely empowering to tell ourselves, “We are going to SAVE for a new ___________ when this one conks out!” I feel like Dave Ramsey is looking over our shoulder and saying, “Run, little gazelle, run!”


3 thoughts on “A bad week for technology

  1. Sorry sometimes things just seem to suck, try to look at the positive side how ever had to find and kennal your dogs.

  2. Tragedy can’t touch your soul! And I think there’s probably some My iPod Screen Is Cracked group you can join on Facebook. Sorry about the crappy stuff happening. Glad you got the right perspective. 🙂

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