February Meal Plan

January was the first month I’ve really stuck to a meal plan for an entire month. I bled into this month’s grocery fund by $15. It was a little disappointing, but compared to my grocery budget blowing in the past, $15 is nothing!

This month, I’ve lowered my weekly allotment by $10. I’m a little daunted since I didn’t come in under budget like I was hoping last month, but we’re really trying to tighten the belt to really get our debt snowball moving. So here’s to a challenge!

The plan for this month:

1-Moroccan Lentil Soup, bread, peas
2-Egg casserole, pancakes
3-Soup from the freezer, green beans, bread
4-Broccoli & Pasta Bianco
5-Pizza *Date Night*

8-Hot & Sour Soup, homemade egg rolls
9-Pasta with marinara, salad
10-From the freezer: Vegetarian curry, white rice, mango smoothie
11-Breakfast Risotto, fruit, eggs
12-Pork chop (for the man, leftovers for me), mashed potatoes, corn

15-Black Bean Soup, whole wheat cornbread, salad
16-Baked Ziti, salad
17-Out to eat! My little sister’s 21st birthday!
18-Whole wheat waffles, eggs, fruit

22-Vegetable Noodle Soup
23-Sauteed Mushrooms in butter sauce with pasta
24-From the freezer: Lentil tacos, salad
25-French toast, eggs, fruit
26-Chicken, mashed potatoes, corn

And, because I figure my monthly budget by the number of Saturdays in the month (because that’s the day I grocery shop), here’s the first week in March:

1-Falafel, salad
2-Spaghetti, marinara, salad
3-Something from the freezer
4-Huevos Rancheros, whole wheat pancakes

I’m feel like my side dishes are a pretty uninspired this month. Salad is popping up a lot, and that makes me feel guilty because I almost always buy bagged salad. I usually get whatever mix is on sale, but sometimes it’s still a really bad price. But I sold my salad spinner, and towel drying lettuce really irritates me. So, I welcome your side dish suggestions!


2 thoughts on “February Meal Plan

  1. Looks good! I wouldn't worry about eating salad often unless you get bored of it. You can't really go wrong with salad. I like doing simple sides to keep things easy. We do green beans a lot. I would do broccoli and cauliflower a lot more if Mike liked it. I also really like roasted brussels sprouts.

  2. Hey just thought let you know I am going back to being a vegan. Been doing it for two weeks now and have lost 5 lbs and feel so light. Not blotted like did with meat. Your recipes look good may quiz you about them some time. 🙂

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