A Resolution

I’ve heard some people say that making resolutions at the beginning of the new year is a bad idea because you can reevaluate your life and set new goals any time, and it’s silly to make yourself wait till the new year. I wholeheartedly agree. But, we have Christmas and Easter to remind us of Christ EXTRA, Valentine’s Day to help us focus on ones we love, and Mothers Day and Fathers Day to help us remember to honor our parents even though we should remember to do these things all the time. Also, I have time off around the new year, so this is the only time I can really set aside to focus on goal-setting.

I spilled a cup of tea on myself, the couch, the ground, and a file organizer as was writing the paragraph above. Maybe it was the Lord chastising me for my opinion. More likely, I’m just not coordinated enough to handle coasters.

Whenever I sit down at my computer, I sigh and think, “I want to blog.” But then all my thoughts and emotions start moving toward the front of my mind and all my eloquence starts heading for the hills. If I muster up the courage to start typing anyway, I end up with a really boring, sentimental, disappointing story and think, “I would take me off my blog reader if I wrote something boring like this. At least they won’t take me off if they just forget about me.”

If I had fewer things going on outside of work, or if I didn’t care so much about trying to unpack, spend time with Dexter, getting enough exercise, eating remotely healthy meals, or other time-consuming things like that, I would have started a blog about my first year teaching. I thought it would be my “niche” where I could start a “successful” blog. But, since my first year is half over, it seems a little late to start something like that.

Before that, I wanted to start a blog about cooking with ethical ingredients while living on a budget. There were a plethora of problems with that idea. 1: No time to write or research. 2: The title I chose sounded suspiciously like Eat. Pray. Love. I didn’t like that book, nor do I want to get sued. 3: Cooking with ethical ingredients while living on a budget is HARD and it takes a lot of planning. I am totally unqualified to write this blog.

So, my blogging related resolution is this:
Blog sometimes. Shoot for once a week. Don’t worry about whether anybody is reading. If nothing else, you’re developing your writing skills and you like to write.


2 thoughts on “A Resolution

  1. Have you seen the movie Julie & Julia? I just watched it last night and the main character sort of reminded me of you for some reason (minus her bad qualities of being rude to her husband though!). Anyway, if you haven't seen it, she starts a cooking blog and it becomes a big success. I wouldn't over-think an entry too much. I enjoy you for who you are, the boring with the exciting! 🙂

  2. My late post isn't because I don't want to read your blog (cause when you write I do read!), but a lack of internet. I think your resolution is a great one and I look forward to read your blog even more. 🙂

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