Poor Fitz!

Fitz has had weird toenails ever since we got him. I worried about them breaking, but the vets never said anything, so I just told myself I was worrying too much.

Today, Dexter and I were getting ready to leave on our anniversary trip to Chicago when Fitz yelped and we saw that one of his nails had broken off and the “quick” (inside) was exposed. We took him to a vet and helped hold him while the vet tech clipped the nail super short. He gave a miserable howl through the muzzle they put on him. I was thankful to be holding his back end because apparently it was not pretty up front.

Now he has a bandaged foot, pain medication, anti-biotics, and a mommy and daddy who are leaving him for 2 days. His mommy feels really bad about that. I’m hoping that his pain pills make him sleepy so he’ll sleep away the time that Keriann is at work. Poor Fitz!


One thought on “Poor Fitz!

  1. I hope he's doing better now! I'm sad I never got a picture of him holding his paw in that weird way while he still had it wrapped up.

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