I love a good deal. Usually, I find my good deals here by eying the aisles for those beautiful little orange stickers. I’d been to Stuff Etc. a few times before the spring semester, but always had a hard time finding anything high quality or that would be useful. But, after a few trips this Spring, I’m sold on consignment shopping.

My FAVORITE part of the store is the housewares section, (There are dishes galore, mismatched and full sets, charmingly ugly and completely beautiful. I recently read an article about a couple who registered for discontinued glassware when they got married and replaced each glass they broke with a random glass from a thrift store. I LOVE this idea, so if you come over to my house, please break my glassware if you can do so safely so that I don’t have to break all of it myself. This may be a big job because I registered for an extra set of glasses when we got married in case of breakage.)

In May, Keriann and I planned to make a quick stop by Stuff on a stormy night, partly to see if they had any cute, cheap raincoats. They didn’t. However, they did have a navy belt for 60 cents (Keriann needed one to complete an outfit), a super cute set of dishes for $25, an antique dresser with a mirror for $50, and a beautiful, designer, Victorian style couch for $300 (which ended up being only $225 after some unexplainable discount). You can read more about Keriann’s jackpot here. I just bought a Banana Republic shirt which is super cute but is made for someone with skinnier arms than me.

In June, Dexter and I were having on of our signature stuck-in-a-rut-date-nights where we were wasting time not knowing what to do and not wanting to make the other person doing something they didn’t want to do. Then, Dexter made a smart move and suggested we go to Stuff. My wonderful husband held my hand and looked at all the dishes with me, didn’t act like I was silly to want all the dishes I didn’t need, and even seemed intrigued by my mismatched glass story. He had already looked at the electronics, and I was going to suggest we leave so he didn’t have to stand there while I dug through the racks and racks of color-coded clothes. But no, he wanted to look at clothes and shoes too. (What a man!) Then, right before we decided to leave empty-handed, we headed over to the book section and spent $8 on these beauties.

Then, (this has nothing to do with consignment but it was very exciting) Barnes & Noble had a $1 table where I found 2 books that were textbooks options for me at school and are pertinent to my new job. I also bought Cooking as Courtship, which has its hokey bits but has some entertaining tidbits.

I’m hoping to find some furniture to fill up some of the empty space in our new condo at one of the half-off sales Stuff is having this month.


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