The Dating Game

Dexter and I have decided to try to make “dating” a bigger priority in our marriage. Otherwise, we end up feeling like we’re living together out of convenience and we forget how much we like each other. However, there’s always the challenge of what to do, and I’m looking for suggestions.

To Dexter, a date is going out somewhere–to a restaurant, a movie, a bookstore. To me, a date could be going out, but it could be snacks and a movie or board game at home as long as it’s time set aside to spend together for fun. To me, a date could also be cooking a meal together at home. For Dexter, that is pretty boring for a date, although he’s happy to cut or stir things on the stove (knives and fire–the manly parts) to help me with dinner on a normal night. I think part of the turn-off for him is that it leaves a mess in our dishwasherless kitchen that I might want to clean.

Our typical dates are as follows:
1. Netflix or Redbox and popcorn, fancy cheese, wine, or other good snacks
2. Eat out (I have banned things like Village Inn from being “dates” because we always get eggs and pancakes–so the food is really cheap to make at home and it doesn’t feel like a date to go there)
3. Go shopping, usually to Target (this is not such a great idea because I think Dexter gets bored and it also might result in buying things just for the sake of calling it “shopping”)
4. Dairy Queen

Do you and your man-of-choice have different ideas of what constitutes a date? What are your favorites and what are his? I’m looking for low-budget ideas as well as things that cost a little more to do every once in a while.


7 thoughts on “The Dating Game

  1. Sometimes we just go out for a drive to nowhere in particular. Perhaps not too environmentally friendly, but cheaper than going out for dinner, and makes for good conversation.

  2. We really enjoy going to Lowe’s. We’re both into day dreaming and scheming so it’s a lot of fun. Otherwise, we’ve done dinner at home, then dessert somewhere really nice. Before I got pregnant, we’d go to BWW to watch a bball game and have some beer. Another fun date idea is checking out the local comedy scene (if you like that sorta stuff).

  3. we sometimes do a “photography” date- just drive around looking for cool picture spots. we really like building fires… very romantic :)another idea is getting coffee and walking through a park holding handsany date night for me is when i don’t have to cook…. falbos pizza is our favorite 🙂

  4. if you’re bike riders, you can take a cruise somewhere like a park and have a picnic. or if you have a park within walking distance, the same would work on a stroll. also, with summer upon us, lots of places have free festivals that are fun to check out! Sometimes even things like live music and dancing–if you dig that sort of thing 🙂

  5. ooh–or if there are wineries/vineyards near you, most of the ones near us have sunday afternoon live music and free wine tastings (sometimes a glass with your admission…$3-5/person). And you can bring your own food (they provide sweet lawn chairs!)

  6. We like to go out to a local neighborhood bar for drinks. We generally sit at the bar and enjoy meeting the bartenders and locals who frequent there. We like to get into fun conversations with strangers or just have our own deep philosophical discussions or critique some “thing.” (when my foot is not broken we enjoy hiking out at MacBride, :)!)-Dana

  7. Oh! There are several vineyards around, of you go let us know!Oh! And, we always check out what free event is going on during our Thursday. We’ve gone to some fun things we’d never have known about, like concerts or plays. The PC or City View says what’s up. Plus, as you know from working downtown, IC in the summer is so much fun for free events, Friday concerts and Saturday movies. :)! -Dana

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