Delicious Dinner!

When I suggested foregoing the peanutbutter-chocolate stuffed french toast that was on the meal schedule for last night so that we could make strawberry-rhubarb crisp for dessert, I just about had a mutiny on my hands. And the mutineers had a point–it was pretty good. You do need a tall glass of milk/tea/something else to go along with it, otherwise you may choke every few bites because your esophogas is coated in peanutbutter. We didn’t make the jam syrup because I’m not a fruit-chocolate person (except about these), we left off the whip, and used smashed up full sized chocolate chips.

What surprised me most about dinner, however, was how good the “good-for-you huevos rancheros” were. Depending on how crisp you get your tortillas (the crispness of mine was determined by how many other things I was doing at the time that each particular tortilla was on the pan), you can eat it like a taco or like you’re eating the plate your meal came on. I think we probably put on more cheese than the recipe called for, but we didn’t use sour cream, so I think it was still pretty healthy. I didn’t make the salsa from scratch like the recipe said because I was tired and because I bought a large vat of salsa the other day that I need to use up before it goes bad.

Here’s what our huevos rancheros looked like–not as pretty as Rachael’s, but this is actually food and not food-photo props. (Seriously, my cooked canned black beans never look shiny and cute. Maybe it’s because I overcook them or because I bought them at ALDI.)


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