Meal Planning Wednedsay (except today is Friday)

Since I graduated, I’ve been doing a really bad job of meal planning. This has resulted in too many trips to the store, too much money spent, too much eating out, too much convenience food, and too little nutrition. We joined a CSA with another couple, and since I’ll need to plan meals that include whatever comes in my box each week. I follow this blog:

and every Monday, or Sunday night, she posts her meal plan for the week and uses a widget (am I using that word correctly) so that her readers can upload links to their own blogs. So, her website is a source of about 300 (or more) meal plans every week.

We get our box from the CSA on Wednesday nights, and since grocery ads come out on Wednesdays, I decided that I’ll be participating in Menu Planning Wednesday throughout the summer. This was my first week, and this is what I came up with. I’m not planning to post all the recipes, but if something looks interesting, let me know!

Thursday: Stir-fry bok choi (from CSA), carrots, onion, edamame, soba noodles; canned pineapple

Friday: Boca burgers, salad (lettuce from CSA) with homemade vegetarian caesar dressing (no anchovies), beer bread

Saturday & Sunday: Eating on the road on the way to Des Moines–probably Subway or PB&honey sandwiches

Monday: Tofu nuggets, scalloped potatoes, salad

Tuesday: Peanutbutter-chocolate stuffed french toast, eggs, fruit

Wednesday: Leftovers OR if there aren’t enough, we’ll make what I planned for Saturday before I knew we were leaving (a healthified version of huevos rancheros, iced raisin biscuits, and a veggie purchased from the farmer’s market)

We’re also making yogurt in the crockpot for breakfast, “healthy” oatmeal cookies for snacks, and some quinoa and black bean salad for lunches.

Did I mention that my little sister is staying with us for a few weeks and she does dishes? That’s awesome.


2 thoughts on “Meal Planning Wednedsay (except today is Friday)

  1. Do you know if you use the same yogurt in the crockpot recipe as Leah? I guess hers turns out pretty liquid-y. Planning to try making it this weekend.

  2. The more fat your milk contains, the thicker it will be. I bought some pectin the other day (people put it in jellies to make it gel) to see if that will help.

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