Blitz It Friday: After

This is the list of things to do for my blitz that I made while eating breakfast:

1. Wash comforter (Fitz…ahem…dirtied it last week)
2. Clear and wipe kitchen table (glad I did this early on–helped me when I folded my towels and set out my ziplock/gladware containers to group before putting away)
3. Put away clean dishes
4. Do dirty dishes
5. Take recycling to garage
6. Clear off and wipe down counters
7. Pick up living room
8. Fold towels and put away
9. Put comforter in dryer
10. Vacuum/sweep/mop
11. Dust

I did the list mostly in this order. I was glad I had it since after the first few tasks I looked around and started to get that overwhelmed, “What now?” feeling. The timer went off as I folded the towels. I didn’t put away one towel that goes upstairs, and I didn’t get to floors or dusting. However, now I am ready to clean since all the picking up is done. I do still have some books out on the couch. I have a $120 fine to pay if I don’t return two of them to the university, so they need to be in sight. I need to finish “reviewing” the others for a future post and take them back to the library.

I didn’t post an “after” picture of the piano because blogger kept flipping the image. There’s a picture of Levi, an antique camera, our wedding album, and a piece of our coffee table that we broke off that still need to be put away. But, that will be easier when we move our beautiful Ikea shelf downstairs to join the living room furniture.

Possible projects for the rest of the day?

1. Clean out coat closet (which has a very nice, half-empty shoe rack on the door and paint supplies and shoes all over the floor)
2. Finish cabinet reorganization project (resulted in a few very organized cabinets and on set with a bunch of random crap piled up)
3. Reorganize pantry

Organizing supplies that might help:

1. A basket for Fitz’s leashes, treats, and kong
2. A sturdy container for Fitz’s toys that he can reach and that isn’t too ugly
3. Spice organizing device (probably won’t get this soon–I’ve been debating about what kind to get and how much to spend for a long time–any suggestions?)


6 thoughts on “Blitz It Friday: After

  1. Wow! It looks great. We’re so happy you could join us! All things in balance. If we do what we are supposed to do first, we enjoy our “treats” like blogging and such. The Lord will bless you for your efforts in your home. The hand of the diligent maketh rich..

  2. Making a list helps me stayed focused, too. So many times looking at the whole picture is just too overwhelming for me. If I can check things off a list, though, I feel like it’s more manageable. Looks great!

  3. You may be interested (and dismayed) to hear how many of my own traits I recognize in you, sweet niece. I’ve been making lists since I was 8 years old. I had a to-do list for my first plane ride which included “ask stewardess for pillow”. What a dork! I also LOVE systems and plans and setting goals. What I have learned in my nearly-30 years of keeping a home is: 1. The value of knowing what my “job” is. This includes defining what “done” means. My favorite chore is washing dishes b/c it’s easy to know when to stop. When my to-do list says “clean the house”–there’s no clear end to that one! So know what “done” means before you tackle something. Done can be things like: put 5 things away or file papers for 10 minutes.2. Using small chunks of time. I try to break job into 10-minute chunks. On a night when I really just want to relax, I will watch TV, but I clean during the commercial breaks. Amazing what you can do in even 3 minutes!3. I have developed this habit: When you go in a room, make it look better. So, if I get up to use the bathroom, I straighten the towels and take one thing out of the room that belongs elsewhere. I have been amazed at how just doing this one little thing repeatedly over the course of just one day can lead to less clutter without feeling like extra work. I have two other “systems” for “Crap Patrol” and staying on top of household chores. I’ll tell you about those another time. Love your blog! Aunt Annie

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